Weekend Musings (06-Feb-2010)

My writing is seriously backlogged.

Suanne and I had a lot of good eating lately and am so excited to write about them but I simply had no time to sit down with a good stretch of time to write. You see, I am a slow writer. I take about 30 minutes to gather my thoughts and determine the story line. Processing the pictures is laborious but necessary process. Processing picture is the easy part (but downright boring) but even that takes up another 30 minutes or so. Then the writing — if I am on the roll, 1 hour max — if not, it takes up to 2 hours.

Oh that does not include responding to emails everyday, planning, and what nots. This blog is consuming our lives.  Help!!

McDonalds and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

mcdonalds-4-150x150Suanne and I are so excited. McDonalds is arranging media credentials for us and also a 1-on-1 interview with someone who is known as the Most Powerful Chef in America. He he he … that is from the standpoint that more people eat his food than any other chef. I am talking about Dan Coudreaut, the Director of Culinary Innovation from Illinois. I really hope to be able to also see McDonalds operations in the Games Village and the Media Center. Exciting times!

We had never done these sort of things before. We are really in for the learning and for fun. I think Chef Dan is going to be shocked with some of the dumb questions that we are going to throw at him.

I need your help! I was hoping that you could help me identify some of the things you want to know about McDonalds, no matter how silly it may be. You can either send me an email (ben@chowtimes.com) or just comment on this post.

Bo Laksa King Doing Delivery

Bo-Laksa-Kings-1-150x150Last week I went to Bo’s for lunch. I love Bo’s Laksa and do think he has no peers in this area. Talking to him, I point-blankly told him I am selfish and hopes that he does not open a restaurant or go too big. I am afraid that quality will suffer if he gets too big and does not personally make the laksa anymore. He laughed but was serious in telling me that quality is always his #1 priority.

Bo told me that he is expanding his business. He is starting to do home delivery … today, this very day. This is only for DINNER unfortunately. He said he had rented a kitchen and will be operating out of that kitchen each night. The laksa place will be run by his wife while he will be manning the kitchen.

He also has a website up and running (http://www.bolaksaking.com). The delivery menu is much … bigger than what you can find in his current little counter top service. So instead of ordering wings and pizza for Super Bowl night, you might want to consider Bo’s Laksa. LOL!

If you are not familiar with Bo’s Laksa, check our writeup of Bo’s Laksa on Chowtimes. Everyone I know who had been there end up raving about them. They are good. Given time and exposure, I am sure Laksa will give the Pho and TBN folks the run for the money in the soup noodle category.

Chinese New Year

Lo-Hon-Zhai-150x150Chinese New Year this year falls on Valentine’s Day — February 14th. That is also the third day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. So there is going to be lots of celebration involved next week for sure.

Of late, we noticed that there had been a lot of traffic coming in search for CNY stuff. So, Suanne thought it would be great if we summarize some of our older Chinese New Year related recipes for our readers too.

Here they are:

Eight Great Traditions of Chinese Cuisine

chuanxiangge-32-150x150Suanne and I have a plan now. There are still a few loose ends to tie up on my win-win-win complex arrangements.

I had identified the opening cuisine. If my proposal are accepted, I might get a few volunteers for tasting real soon in the effort to make sure we have the right restaurant for the event. I want to also pick the correct representative dishes for the cuisine.

I’ll just keep my plans to my chest for now. It is also my way of saying, I am all over the place … wanting to do this and that and everything. LOL!

That’s it for this week.

Until next week … Eh-O-Canada-Go!

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  1. Marike

    WOW Ben, sounds like you really have alot going on! I think I speak for alot of your fans when I say how much we enjoy this site! Maybe we can give you helping hand somewhere?

    Suanne, have you come across this site before?

    I stumbled on it the other day and thought it complements your recipe collection. They have some good CNY/asian recipes you might want to try too.

    1. Ben

      Hi Marike:

      Thanks again for the sweet words. Much appreciated. Help us? Sure … how about writing a guest post for us? I would like to be able to read a post from a reader (instead of a blogger). Could be anything … restaurant, recipe … anything related to food. Are you game? 🙂

      Rasa Malaysia is a legend when it comes to recipes. Her photos are amazing. Yeah, we subscribe to her posts.

      1. Marike

        I’m game… I have some favourite recipes, but alas no photos!

        Hmm, I did try some interesting eateries while in Las Vegas last fall.

        I will see what I can come up with. 🙂

        1. Ben

          Oh great Marike. Am looking forward to this. No problem without photos — I might put in a few pix of my own just to embellish it a bit. Posts without pictures looks like of bare.

  2. egirlwonder

    Re: Chef Dan interview

    I have read a lot about the history of McDonalds, and pretty much everyone is informed about its world domination plans, but for all the pop media out there, no one has really asked its culinary team anything to my knowledge – what an opportunity!

    I’d be very curious to find out where they think McD’s menu is going to go in the future, like next year, in 5 years and in 10+ ? What further innovations can they spin on the burger while still holding fast to the Big Mac tradition? Have there been any failed products they want to try again (e.g. pizza, poutine)? What new food trends in the gourmet/foodie market are they hoping to implement at McDonalds (Sous vide Filet-o-fish with tartar sauce foam anyone?)

    Also, I bet no person with culinary aspirations ever thinks they are going to end up being the head chef at a fast food chain… how did Dan Coudreaut get this position (and why did he accept??) ?

    1. Ben

      Great questions egirlwonder! I will have these questions for Chef Dan.

  3. zud

    I went to try Bo’s laksa today, the flavour of the soup is very good and the vermicelli is cooked nicely. However I would not say it is “chock” full of ingredients, in fact a little skimpy for 7.50$. Two nuggets of chicken, two shrimp, one egg, couple pieces of tofu puff and marble size fish ball. Plenty of noodles however and nice people. I did see them making the roti canai fresh but will have to back to try it and the wraps.

    I hear Mcdonalds has certain ethnic offerings in different countries, Europe, Asia, South America etc… like KFC in Vietnam has amazing egg tarts. Will they try to roll out some ethnic inspired menu items or desserts?

  4. etranger

    For Chef Dan of McDonalds.

    I’d like to see McDonalds keep moving toward healthier food and continue to stop pushing super size fries on everyone.

    Any chance they will try being a leader in finding affordable good nutrition for all the people they feed?

    It doesn’t have to be soy burgers, but healthier food is needed by so many people. McDonalds could bring it to them.

    1. Ben

      I will include your questions to Chef Dan. Very thoughtful questions which I myself wants to know too.

    1. Ben

      I wanted to order delivery too but if I do that the delivery charges will probably be double the prices. Too bad! If you order delivery from Bo’s, let me know what you think.

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