True Confections on Denman, Vancouver

Suanne likes desserts. She likes all kinds of desserts. It does not matter if it is cakes or pastries or ice-cream or cookies … even Asian type desserts like red bean soup. It does not take a lot to get her to go out to have dessert.

She goes for her dessert fix with Polly every Friday. The problem is she has to go according to Polly’s schedule which is only a couple of hours in at noon. The thing is also most of the better dessert places are opened at night.

After the ramen dinner at Benkei, I suggested that we go to True Confections on Denman since we are already around the area. True Confections is one of the places Suanne often says she wanted to eat in.


There are three True Confections dessert restaurants in Metro Vancouver. The other two restaurants are on West Broadway and North Vancouver.

True Confections is known for their cakes which they say is completely made in the restaurant. They also made sure that they do not have fillers, preservatives but uses only fresh ingredients. So yeah, they take their cakes very seriously.


Specifically, they are known for their very tall cakes. Some of their more popular ones looks like it is 9-10 inches tall. The ones you see above are not the taller ones, but you get the idea.


The restaurant was empty on the Friday night we were there. It was the Olympics which drew everyone away to the Olympic zones. We asked the waiter about it and he said it had been very quiet ever since the Olympics started. They had even extended the restaurant in anticipation of more Olympic traffic — but all in vain. I feel for them. If there is anything we could do to help rally people to come to places like this, we would … we should.


There are cakes, premium chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and stuff like pies and tarts. I knew what Suanne wants … cheesecake. We also cannot ignore their tall PREMIUM chocolates cakes too — they look too good to resist.


We got the simple Fresh Fruit Cheesecake which costs $8.25. They call this a Montreal-style cheesecake. We were  not sure what that means actually. We did observe that is … taller and does not have the graham biscuit at the bottom. Topped with strawberry and kiwi fruit, the texture was not as smooth as some of the better ones we had tried. Otherwise, it was creamy and tasted great.


It did not take long for us to decide on getting the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. It was one of their tall cakes but it is kind of expensive at $10.75. Because of the height, the slice were a tad too thin to look good.

We measured it … it is just 7 inches tall. We swore that the cake on display looked taller than this.

Anyway, this is described as layers of dark chocolate cake and fine Belgian milk chocolate, with Frangelico and imported hazelnuts. Sounds good huh? Well, it was quite normal cake. The texture was crumbly and dry … so, yeah, we did not find it anything special except for the size.


The House Chai was $3.25. It smell good simply from the cinnamon stick. The tea tasted bland.


Suanne was quite underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad but I guess we came with high expectations that this would be great. It turned out to be just so-so.

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  1. Tony C.

    I’ve tried this place a few times, and I find the cakes too sweet and does not taste as good. If I want cheesecake, I would just go to Cheesecake Etc or other dessert places

  2. trisha

    i used to LOVE this place but the quality has gone down and the price has gone waaaay up. i can’t believe how much they charge for a piece of cake. i’ll stick to butter baked goods on dunbar or nottes bon ton… 🙂

    1. Doug

      I totally agree, this place use to be where the locals would gather for desserts, but the quality has gone down and price gone up. They are pretty much empty everyday before the Olympics and they know why but don’t care.

  3. egirlwonder

    $11 for a piece of cake?!?!? OMG!
    I just bought a full black forrest cake from Bon Bon Baker on Victoria for $15!

  4. Novi

    I remembered sharing a piece of chocolate cake with my husband, it was a lot bigger than the piece in the picture, I think the price was under $10 and the place was busy at night, that was a few years ago…

  5. Stinkly

    True that. But their fruit pies are generally a safe bet, and the mousse is popular with people in my family. The cakes are all about looks and nothing about flavour or texture. We go to the West Point Grey location.

  6. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Wow, this is expensive! Looks good but too pricey for the amount.

    I hope the cheesecake wasn’t served to you that way :). You probably ate a bite, no?

  7. WS

    OK, I know the Montreal-style cheesecake(it’s similiar to NY-style tastewise, but it’s a taller cheesecake). It’s a cheesecake that has been made by several Montreal smoked meat delis here in Montreal(best known is probably at Dunn’s). It’s a fresh strawberry cheesecake(not a fresh fruit cheesecake like at True Confections).

    Curious what is Suanne’s favourite dessert establishments in Vancouver-area(Asian and/or non-Asian dessert)? Unlike Ben & most other males, I like eating desserts(even Asian desserts).

  8. yvonne

    i think you need some help with the description of the food. i went here years ago & kept going until a few years ago. their cakes got thinner & thinner. their cheesecakes are way too hard & cheesey. i prefer the japanese version. iève tried tons of their cakes. the frosting is hard & i dont even eat the whole thing. the cake itself isnt totally moist. the best cake is made by my boyfriend. all moist.

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