Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Richmond Automall

Polly brought me to Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in the Richmond Automall for our ladies’ meet. I have no idea that such a place exist as I only go to the ring road in the automall.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee is located in the Crestwood Commerce Center across the Lexus dealership. It is next to the Boston Pizza.


Murchie’s Tea & Coffee mainly caters for the surrounding business. It is not very big; just a few tables. It only opens for breakfast and lunch.


Tea seems to be the specialty here. So, Polly and I decided to have tea instead of coffee.


Polly ordered the Raspberry Temptation. It is raspberry tea with chocolate. She had the regular size which is $2.85. The raspberry flavour does accentuate the tea.

I had the Murchie’s Medley which has a nice vanilla flavour.


Murchie’s serves a good range of light lunch and snacks like sandwiches, wraps, baked goods, soup and dessert. We love what we saw.


We started off with a Ham & Cheese Croissant. It’s $3.50. We were asked if we like to heat it up and of course we do. The Ham & Cheese Croissant here is slightly different from those we find elsewhere as the ham and cheese is rolled inside the croissant instead of stuffed into a sliced open croissant.


The next item is an Almond Croissant. It is humongous. It is the size of two regular croissants. Guess how much it costs. It’s only $2.75. It is topped with lots of slice almonds and the creamy filling is just right, not too sweet. I’m definitely coming back for this the next time I bring my car for service.


Next we had a Berry Cream Puff. It has fresh blueberries and raspberry. We find that the cream is too rich for us. The cream puff is $2.95.


Our last item is a Strawberry Rhubarb Square. It is $2.25. It is soft and lightly tangy. Good to balance off the rich cream puff.


Murchie’s accepts credit card. Murchie’s has those valued customer card where you get a stamp each time you purchase a cup of tea or coffee and you’ll get a free regular cup of tea or coffee after you collect 10 stamps.


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  1. Purple Library Guy

    The cream was too rich?
    This sentence does not compute. I don’t think those words are allowed to go together like that. The job of the cream is to be excessively rich–it can’t be “too rich”. 🙂

    Of course the core of Murchie’s identity is the quality tea and coffee they’ve been selling for over a century (well, not as long in Richmond I expect). They have special tea blends for various members of the royal family, CBC Radio Blend coffee . . . they’re a BC tradition, and a dashed good one.

  2. Jayda

    We buy Murchie’s tea for friends and family throughout the world. They are so well known for their very high quality tea and their wonderful blends. It’s good you tried their tea instead of coffee since that is what they excel at. I must admit that I also love thick chantilly…. but not too sweet.

  3. Murchies

    Thank you for the wonderful review and pictures. We pride ourselves on delivering a five star experience for a reasonable price. This store is one of our hidden gems and hopefully with this great review more people will come out and sample Murchie’s tea, coffee and food.

    Thanks again

    Murchie’s Team

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