Weekend Musings (May 8th, 2010)

This week, I will just provide a quick update on the big event that is happening next weekend.

The 8GTCC Jiangsu dinner is scheduled for Saturday, May 15th. The response was rather good and will surpass the number of people in the 8GTCC Hunan dinner. Up to this point, we have 66 names confirmed.


There will be about 19 dishes in all. I am seriously worried that this is going to be too much food but hey, we are trusting the guidance of Dylan who planned the evening for us. Dylan is passionate about having all the dishes he picked. I guess everyone who had signed up for the dinner will need to skip breakfast and lunch that day.

We are going to continue to accept requests until Monday, May 10th. So if you like to attend, please send an email to suanne@chowtimes.com. More info about the dinner is found here.

Other Events

I am over extended already. So am going to kill off the … Extreme Dim Sum event unless someone volunteers to help me scour for a location and menu. Any takers?

But … last week, I had a discussion with a restaurant who is willing to host a Ramen event. The restaurant wants to introduce a new menu and thought it would be good to gather foodies for a tasting. The restaurant wants to use an event like this to gather feedback. They had provided me a proposed menu which was interesting. Since this will be an exclusive event and we have the entire restaurant to ourselves, there will be some learnings thrown in too. The event will only require a token payment and is scheduled in late May. I can only provide more details on a later date.

Following the ramen event will be the coffee tasting. Oh yeah, this had not been forgotten. With so many things on, we had decided to push this event back to early next month.

Coconut Crab

Is this even real? I had a tough time believing this. But from the write-up it appears real and it is even edible. Anyway, here is what I received via email last week:

How would you like to find this on the side of your trash can, or anywhere!

Our friends in Australia sent us a picture of a Coconut Crab.   This is pretty interesting. Coconut  Crab (Birgus  latro) is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world. It is  known for its ability to crack coconuts with its strong pincers in order to eat the contents. It is sometimes called the robber crab because some coconut  crabs are rumored to steal shiny items such as pots and silverware from houses and tents

The second  photo gives you a good idea of how large these crabs are – a coconut crab is seeking food from a black trashcan.



The coconut crab is a large edible land crab related to the hermit crab, and are found in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans.

They eat coconuts for a living! How would you like to be on an island and come across a crab that is more than 3 feet from head to tail and weighs up to 40 pounds, with a pair of large pincers strong enough to open coconuts!

They can climb trees too, but they only eat coconuts that have already fallen to the ground. Coconut crab meat has been considered a local delicacy.


That’s it for the week. I hope you have a great weekend and as always … eat well.

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  1. Karl

    Ben, the ramen tasting is something I am in dire need of. It’s one area I could definitely use a bit of an education. Count me in!

    1. Ben

      Hi Karl:
      I had noted your name on the contact list. Once the restaurant had confirmed the plans, I’ll contact you and the rest with details. Thanks!

    2. Eric

      I would be interested too : )

      1. Ben

        Hi Eric and Marcia: Your names had been noted for the Ramen event. I will contact you via email once I have more details.

  2. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Wah! That crab is GIANT! Since it eats coconut it definitely should taste good 🙂

  3. pinoy gourmet

    Well speaking from experience,Having eaten Coconut Crab 3 times,The flesh is very sweet and oozing with sweetish Coconut flavored crab fat.That being said it is sadly slowly being eaten into extinction

  4. marcia

    Me too, Ben.

  5. grayelf

    Ramen event sounds good to me. Coco crab is going to give me nightmares :-).

  6. keev

    can you add me to the Ramen event. Please.
    that is one ugly crab!

  7. Monica

    I would like to be included in the Ramen event too. =)

  8. LotusRapper

    I’m in for ramen fest !

  9. Marike

    I’m in for ramen too depending on date.

    Also, I noticed your 8GTCC script is in simplified form. I think it would be more “authentic” in traditional characters. 😉

    1. Ben

      Hi Marike: Can you give me the 8GTCC script in traditional Chinese script?

  10. Eric

    I’m interested in the Ramen event too. Hopefully the Extreme Dim Sum event will be happening too.

  11. Gloria

    Hey Ben
    I’m interested in the Ramen event, let me know and I’m looking forward to 8GTCC dinner!

  12. Pinoy Gourmet

    Hi Ben
    Count me in for 2 slots and Coconut Crab did not give me nightmares,It is soooooo delicous,Incidentally It is sold for about 100$ -200$ a crab in Japan.In the Philippines It sells for about 50$ a crab.Up to now I dream about its sweet coconut flavor

  13. baldtomato

    i’m interested in the Ramen event too (2 people total) – but we’re a little dependent on the date and time. Please do put me into your Ramen contact list!

    that crab is scary looking… looks more like a huge lobster. I wont get anywhere within 5 feet of that crab (alive) sheesh. Although i’m sure it must taste good… coconut-flavoured meat? heehee. My all-time fav crab is still hairy crab though. Too bad they aren’t allowed to be imported into Canada.

  14. Darlene Clarke

    Hi Ben,

    Please ut me down for Ramen. I must be the only person in Vancouver who has never tried this noodle dish. Also looking forward to Extreme Dim Sum. Anymore information on this? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers, Darlene

    1. Ben

      Hi Darlene:
      The Extreme Dim Sum event is back on track. I just had someone volunteering to take this on! I’ll let everyone know once we figure out a few things — like the menu and cost.

  15. Jenny

    Maybe I am little late in replying, but would like to be included in the ramen event as well. 🙂

  16. Michelle

    Hi Ben,
    Just got back to Vancouver yesterday and I’m catching up on all your postings…..please count Arvind and me in for both the Ramen event and the Extreme Dim Sum event…..looking forward to Saturday….:-).

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