More Bo’s Laksa Coupon To Give Away

This is just a brief post to let you know that we have more free laksa coupons if you want it.

As you know Bo is opening his first restaurant called Bo Laksa King’s Bubble and Bits on Monday, July 26th. I blogged about it in this blog post where Bo gave us a few coupons to give away. They were all gone within a couple of hours the post going up.


Because of the good response, Bo had decided to give away more Laksa coupons. If you are interested, read on …

You may just send us an email to with your mailing address. We only have Laksa coupons (not Roti Canai). Since there are only limited copies, please ask for it only if you can use it.

Ignore the “$5.00 For Laksa” note on the coupon. The laksa is free if you produce this coupon. Please note that you can only use this coupon in the new restaurant on East Hastings and not the one on Joyce. The coupons are only valid until August 8th.

Update: Hi All: Sorry the coupons are all gone now. If you still want to try the Laksa, you can get it for $5 (normal price $7.50) at the new restaurant.

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  1. DOra

    Hey Ben, I thoroughly enjoys reading your blog, thank you for your time and devotion from you and your wife 🙂

    I was at the original Bo’s on joyce street on monday afternoon; tHis was my second visit to Bo’s and this time I brought my friend there to share the good food. I was very much disappointed as the new male staff there wasn’t properly trained. we ordered a large and a small roti canai with chicken curry, as well as a veggie wrap. We later was told the chicken curry sauce is still in the making process and if we minded them replacing the curry with the laksa soup base. We paid the full price. Surely we went along with it only to find out half way into our meal that there weren’t any chicken at all in the laksa sauce. Once I discovered this I asked the male server/cook and he acted as if he don’t know what I was talking about but the lady of the grocery store scolded at him. In the end, they apologized but nothing was done and we were told the next time we come back the menu will be fully stocked. I definitely felt cheated by this unpleasant experience as the food wasn’t up to par anymore. More importantly, I feel horrible for bringing my friend there as I told her that this local gem has very good ratings for authentic food 🙁 Now that I found out Bo is opening a new restaurant on the day of my unpleasant experience, I can understand why. Would I give it another try? Sure I will, but it won’t be so for a while. The quality definitely varies depending on the person who prepares it.

    1. Ben

      Hi DOra: I am not surprised that will happen. As I mentioned in my post, I am just afraid that the quality of the food could suffer once Bo expands and he no longer is personally preparing it all the time. When I was speaking to Bo, I was telling him that he could be spreading himself too thin by operating two locations and running a 11AM-11PM operation 7 days a week. Yeah, like you said I’ll give him some slack and allow him to settle down. But it is a problem he needs to resolve real quick. Ben

      1. It’s not easy running a restaurant. . .but yeah, just give Bo some time to settle down and work out the kinks in his new operation. He probably would cut back on the hours once he gets settled as he’s trying to gauge what the traffic/volume patterns are in the new location. My personal opinion, not that he has asked for it, is to consolidate the convenience store location into this one, i.e. close the Joyce location down so he wouldn’t have to worry about being in two places at one time. He could have his wife working in the new location.

  2. Gloria

    Just went to Bo’s new place on Tuesday.
    I had the laksa and it was pretty good!
    However, I was very disappointed with the yellow noodles it came it. They were very mushy/overcooked :[
    However, I am assuming I was just unlucky and will be returning soon!
    (Luckily, it is walking distance away from me)
    I’ve had the bubble tea from Bo’s place before Bo came and it was..a very unsatisfying with mushy pearls,and very sweet milk.

  3. Zoe

    Wooo! I got the coupon in the mail yesterday. Thanks Ben and Suanne!

  4. Darlene Clarke

    HI Ben,

    I went to Bo’s new location today, very convenient for me as I live in the area. I really can’t make much of a comparison as the last time I had laksa was over 10 years ago. One taste though and I was transported. The noodles (yellow) were not mushy and had a bit of bite. The beef satays were quite tender and the peanut sauce, excellent. I even ordered more satay for take-away, they were so good. I even met Bo, a very pleasant young man. He came out to see if I liked what I was ordering. I’m wishing him every success in his new venture. By the way, I told Bo I found out about him from Chow Times.

    Cheers, Darlene

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