Chinese Restaurant Awards 2011 – Diner’s Choice Winners Announced

CRA-Logo-2011I just received the email from the CRA folks announcing the winners of the Diner’s Choice category of the 2011 Chinese Restaurant Awards.

This category of the awards is voted by the public (you and I) for the best restaurants in 15 categories. The voting was held over 38 days from October 6th through November 12th. A total of 11,400 votes were received which averages about 400 votes per day over the period. Not bad.

Shortly after the voting started I published a post about this award. Yeah, I let everyone know what I voted for.

OK … let’s see how I did each of the category. We had been to some of the places before and as such, I had also put up a link to the winning restaurant … just click on the picture and it will throw you to the post of the winning restaurant.

Here it is …

Category The votes Winning Rsstaurant
Post on Chowtimes
Northern/Shanghainese Restaurant Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
DinestyBen’s Choice:
Shanghai River
Cantonese Dim Sum Diner’s Choice 2011 Winner:
Jade Seafood RestaurantBen’s Choice:
Empire Chinese Cuisine
Fine Dining Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Kirin RestaurantsBen’s Choice:
Fisherman’s Terrace
Modern Chinese Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Bao BeiBen’s Choice:
Casual Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Ho Yuen KeeBen’s Choice:
Ken’s Chinese Restaurant
Hot Pot Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Landmark Hot Pot HouseBen’s Choice:
Fatty Cow
Taiwanese/BBT Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Pearl CastleBen’s Choice:
Delicious Cuisine
Hong Kong Style Cafe Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Deer Garden SignaturesBen’s Choice:
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
LidoBen’s Choice:
Can’t decide
Congee/Noodle Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Congee Noodle HouseBen’s Choice:
Tsim Chai Noodle
Vegetarian Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Bodhi Choi HeungBen’s Choice:
My religion is forbid me to shun meat.
Barbeque Shop Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
HK BBQ MasterBen’s Choice:
Parker Fresh Meat
Bakery Shop Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
La PatisserieBen’s Choice:
Kam Do
Best Service Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
HakkasanBen’s Choice:
Red Star (because they hosted the 8GTCC Cantonese so well)
Dining Environment Diners’ Choice 2011 Winner:
Kirin RestaurantsBen’s Choice:

So there go … none of the Diner’s Choice 2011 matches my choices.

How on earth could the CRA 2011 Diners’ Choice be so wrong?

Huh? I don’t get it!


Seriously, I am more interested in the Critics Choice Awards and not so much of the Diners’ Choice Awards. This Diners Choice Award is voted by the public and is focused on voting for a restaurant. For me, the Critics’ Choice is what CRA is all about … it is a vote by a panel of the best food experts for the best signature dishes.

Hey … it’s all about the dish and the food, not the restaurant.

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  1. li lian

    i dislike Dinesty because the acoustics in the restaurant is terrible. You have to shout to your dinner mate and it’s just too loud. maybe it has to do with the open kitchen? I always feel aggravated! plus, one menu per table. even if the table has 8 guests you still only get 1 menu. boo!

    you were close: Hong Kong Style Milk Tea vs Hong Kong Style Cafe.

    and I find La Patisserie expensive, I agree with you on Kam do, more bang for your buck and for tastes their bakery is quite good….which reminds me. when do you think they will open the richmond centre kam do? it was been in construction for a while now. is it a cafe or a bakery? i’m getting excited just thinking what it will be.

    1. Ben

      Hi Li Lian: About the Kam Do place across the street from the Brighouse Train station, we asked Kam Do about their opening date about 3 weeks ago. At that time they said it will be 2 months. So I guess it’ll be still some weeks away. I am just curious why it is taking so long because the place had not had much movement for sometime. Anyway, this Kam Do will just be a bakery and not a restaurant. If this is gonna be a restaurant, I can bet this will be a very busy and popular restaurant. Ben

  2. li lian

    oh yes, the nail polish world is crazy @_@ I mean a polish of nail polish if rare can sell for $200. that’s like a very nice dinner. ekk.

  3. LotusRapper

    Ben’s Choice: My religion is forbid me to shun meat.

    LOL !!!

    1. Buddha Girl

      LOL!!! Oh c’mon Ben!!! Chinese veggie restaurants are not that bad!!! I will take you one day! LOL!

      1. Ben

        Hi Buddha Girl: Yeah, when we go for our first double date, let’s go to a vegetarian restaurant. My schedule is pretty good next week as I am not working. If that works out for you, just let me know when and where.

        1. Buddha Girl

          Sounds good! I have to do veggie next Tuesday…how about that night? Maybe we can hit Spicy Vegetarian? We have only been there once but could only remember their BBQ pork…hahahah!

  4. Buddha Girl

    Nice meeting you and Suanne last night!!! See, I told you veggie meals are NOT THAT BAD!!! Hahahaha!!!

    1. Ben

      Hi Buddha Girl and Boy: The food was really good but the company was way better. Thanks for a great time. Ben

  5. June

    the sponge cake from St. Germain’s is so good, it’s my favorite!

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