Madrid: Going Home

We had already packed our bags the night before. Suanne is a stickler for these sort of things. She will line up the final things we need neatly for the morning the night before so that we can get out in just minutes. The toothbrush and toothpaste is arranged nicely. Also, the travel clothings were also arranged neatly with the last fresh pair of socks and underwear.

That is the whole thing about travelling on the company’s travel pass. We had to be attired in business casual to check in. That specifically means that Suanne must wear skirts which I thought was a weird rule.


We did not have much time to laze around. We went to the hotel next door for a quick breakfast.


The breakfast here was much simpler to decide. They have English translations too.


Our last cafe con leche in Spain. We had this almost everyday and … we’ll miss this, we know.


Suanne had the croissant.


Me, I had the toasted bread. This is the simpler “1st breakfast”.


We were surprised by the prices here seeing the restaurants around Gran Via is normally expensive.


We took the Metro to the airport. It was convenient.

It was a nervous time because we were travelling on standby. We get on board if there are available seats. Suanne and I have decided that if there are going to be only one seat, she would take it and I stay in Madrid for the next flight. Yeah, Suanne was nervous of the prospect of travelling on her own but it is certainly better than her having to stay in Madrid on her own.

It turns out that there were a lot of seats on the flight. So it was quite an uneventful check-in. After we got through to the gate, we changed into more comfortable travel attire … T-shirt and jeans.


So we left Spain after 17 days of exploring Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. Spain is a country with a rich history that any nation would be very proud of. We went away with the impression that they are people who has a passion for enjoying life to its fullest.


It was then I remembered I still had the Marzipan I gotten in Toledo (which Suanne does not want to hear about because she was so tired and all).


Well, I thought it was no big deal really.


The entertainment system was one of the better ones around. There are movies on demand and also games too. So that kept me pass the time more easily.

It was a flight from Madrid to Philadelphia to Seattle to Vancouver. Many hops.


The on flight meals was edible. I had seen worse but this one was OK.



Perhaps I should say it is sustenance.


Tomato juice. My drink of choice on flight.


Home sweet home. While it was a very nice vacation, it was great to see the greenery of Vancouver with the majestic north shore mountains. It’s great to be home.

It’s great to be back to chilly weather too because Spain was hot. Now I know why people tell me that going to Spain in summer is not exactly a great idea.

I swear the air in Vancouver is a million times fresher than Spain … or the world for that matter.


After we got out from the airport, we headed straight for comfort food. Can you guess what the above is and where we went?

Anyway, here ends the Madrid (and Spain) series. Hope you enjoyed it but I know most of you is dying for me to start writing about local food again. Admit it! 🙂

Thanks for the patience. Back to regular programming next week.

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  1. Buddha Girl

    Home sweet home!!! I love the minute when the plane lands back on Vancouver soil…such a great feeling!!!

  2. Sunny

    Hi Ben,
    I love following your blog. Anyway, I think you went and visited No 9 after you got off the plane for some comfort food.

    1. Ben

      Hi Sunny: You are correct. We went to #9. Ben

  3. Anton

    Hi Suanne and Ben,

    and thank you for this wonderfully detailed Trip Report!
    For me it was the next thing to actually going there myself.

    salute and cheers,


  4. Doris Jung

    Hi, Ben & Suanne:

    Welcome home! I guess we’re all alike in lots of ways. Everytime I or my family landed home, we usually head for some dim sum, wonton noodle soup, chicken rice, curried beef rice, congee or shredded chicken chow mein. It’s like, “Aah, I am home!”

    Thanks for taking us along on your trip, really enjoyed it and will sure be more informed when I do visit Spain.


  5. Chi Mei Smith

    Hi Ben:

    Thanks for the Spain series. I was in Spain (Mallorca and Barcelona) in August and September this year and can relate to your stories, which I read with interest.

    Thanks for all your work to keep us inform.

    1. Ben

      Hi Chi Mei: I don’t think you had commented before? Anyway, great to have to coming out and giving that feedback. 🙂 Ben

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