For The First Time Visitors from Fairchild TV Program

At 8PM PST today, the documentary on chowtimes and on food blogging was aired at the eastern side of the country. One of the main highlight of the program was about the 8GTCC (Eight Great Traditions of Chinese Cuisine) Dinners.

The same program will be re-aired at 10PM PST today for Western Canada. So, I am putting this post up so that the new visitors may have a convenient way to look at the posts related to the 8GTCC dinners.


Click here to learn about the 8GTCC Dinners.

Click on the pictures below for the posts of the three dinners organized so far. Five more to go!

The Hunan Cuisine Dinner
at Alvin Garden

The Jiangsu Cuisine Dinner
at Shanghai Village

The Cantonese Cuisine Dinner
at Red Star Seafood

The following cuisines to follow in 2011:

1.  The Anhui Cuisine
2.  The Fujian Cuisine
3.  The Shangdong Cuisine
4.  The Zhejiang Cuisine
5.  The Sichuan Cuisine

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  1. Doris Jung

    Hi, Ben:

    Congratulations, well done!

    I hope you will have a copy of the program so that yours readers (like me) could watch it as I was out for a BNI (Business Network International) new members’ training.

    Or we could have a show and tell dinner….

    Gan Bie or Yum Sing!

  2. Blythediva

    Wow, that’s great! I don’t have Chinese TV at home and would it be possible for you to post this on your site, youtube or something like that?

    1. Ben

      Hi Blydiva: We will definitely want to post the video of the documentary on our site. I got it recorded on the PVR but just don’t know how to pull that out to the PC. We’ll figure it out. Alternatively, I can try to get a copy of the show from the Carol, the person who did the documentary. She told me she has the full unedited version with the interviews of Joe of, Michelle P, Duanne, and a few others at the Hunan dinner.

  3. Lionel

    Congrats Ben and Suanne! I watched the show on Fairchild tonight and they saved the best (your segment) for the end. You guys look good on TV!!!

  4. Shmoo

    Wah! We don’t have Fairchild at home. And also I didn’t see your post until January 6. What a shame. I must join with others hoping to view the program through alternate means…

    I’m sure it was a fun broadcast. 🙂 Congrats on the coverage!

  5. Joe

    Ben – my mom, who lives out of town, called me at work this morning. Usually when that happens I’m expecting bad news, but this time she was just calling to say she watched a rebroadcast of the program on Fairchild this morning! So, many congrats yet again.

    1. Ben

      Hi Joe: Oh was there a rebroadcast of the clip on Fairchild. Maybe it’s about 10AM PST (or 1PM EST) because there was another huge spike in traffic at that hour (died down since). Did you catch yourself in TV? I guess you are not as handsome as Doug as they chose to give Doug more time with his comments. LOL! I think I can get hold of your entire comments on video. Ben

  6. Mike

    congrats on getting onto fairchild i wish i could of watched it but i was at work maybe you can repost it?

  7. Sedap Makan

    Congrats on getting on the air. We are looking forward to the remaining 5 dinners and are still full of regret that we were away for the Cantonese feast that we were so looking forward to. Any news on when the next event will be scheduled?

    1. Ben

      Hi Sedap Makan: I was thinking of starting the planning of the next 8GTCC dinner at the end of January. I want to get the Mamak Cafe event done right first before refocusing on the 8GTCC. Ben

  8. Angie

    Finally! Can’t wait for the video..

    1. Ben

      Hi Angie: Shy-lah. The video is nothing compared to what you managed … you were on BBC! 🙂 Ben

  9. HM

    Hi Ben & Suanne, 1st of all congrats to 5 yrs of your website, so happy for you, but feeling sad coz I missed the broadcast on Fairchild…sigh! I’ll wait for you to post it on your site to get a sneak peek! Now, I would have another topic to add when I refer your site to my foodie friends! “Happy birthday” to Chowtimes & many more 5 yrs!

  10. mo

    i was glad i caught your segment, i missed the first 5 mins of timeline magazine and thought they aired it already, and i had to sit through 10 mins of them talking about these toe-condom shoes… glad that they saved ur segment for last!

    do you or suanne have a book out?

    1. Ben

      Hi Mo: Yeah, Suanne had the cookbook out. Ben

  11. Carol

    Ladies and Gents,

    Yes! It’s finally aired. I have a copy of what’s aired but without the graphics and subtitles since it’s done in Toronto instead of Vancouver. Although most of you probably don’t really care to have the caption anyways since they’re in Chinese. I will actually send Benb a copy with english subs first, then as he’s mentioned, I do want to send a longer version; kind of like the director’s cut. But all in time!! I was going to work on it over the Christmas break but I had issues with my computer and spent the two long weekend try to backup and save everything. Still working on reinstalling some softwares and everything, so please be patient with me. Thanks you guys 🙂

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