$100 Gift Gard to Lumiere — Anyone Wants It?

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I mentioned this earlier and it was all over the news.

Lumiere and db Bistro Moderne is considered the premier dining establishment and a source of great pride to have in the culinary landscape in Vancouver.

The 16 year old restaurants Lumière and Feenie’s were founded by Iron Chef Rob Feenie and went on to win a number of culinary awards and accolades including the AAA Five Diamond Award and the prestigious Relais & Chateau designation, of which only 160 restaurants around the world have achieved.

Source: vancouverobserver.com

It is sad to learn that they are going to call it a day. Their last day will be March 13th. They are apparently going out in style:

All of this being said, the duo of restaurants are well aware that they want to leave their mark and legacy on Vancouver’s loyal foodies. Restaurant operations will continue as normal until closing and on Sunday March 6, one week before closing, DB Bistro Moderne will resonate their legacy when they will serve Champagne and caviar, lobster poutine, sablefish, and many other luxurious goodies all part of the Visa Infinite Dining Series.

For the brunch, although exclusively for Visa Infinite holders and in limited numbers, tickets are priced unbelievably at $75.00 for this Sunday March 6th at DB Bistro Moderne. Please visit www.foodconnect.com to purchase tickets and for more information.

Source: vancouverobserver.com

$75? You can have it for free!


A few months ago Carol gave Suanne and I a $100 gift certificate for Lumiere (which could also be used for db Bistro Moderne). Carol was the producer of the Fairchild documentary on chowtimes.

Suanne and I had been sitting on the gift card for months already just waiting for an occasion to splurge on a nice dinner. However, given the remaining time, unfortunately Suanne and I will not be able to make use of it. We tried to re-gift this back to Carol but Carol told us to re-gift it to someone else as she will also not be able to use it.

So anyone out there wants the gift card? It is worth $100 (we re-checked yesterday).

I’ll hold a draw on this for those who wants this. I’ll close the draw at 11:59PM on Thursday and will randomize the draw to pick the winner of the gift card.

All you have to do is to … leave your email address and comment below. Well, if you have nothing to say in the comment box, just say “Carol rocks!”. We will use the email address to contact you to deliver the gift card (and for no other purpose).

So that this gift card does not go to waste, please only enter for the draw if you have the intention to make use of the gift card. It is $100!

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  1. Cass

    I want the gift card please!

  2. James

    Carol DOES rock!

  3. C&C Cakery

    I have always wanted to go to Lumiere – I worked at a summer camp a couple of years ago that went in for a tour (and some amazing homemade ice cream) and the experience really stuck with me. I’d love to finally try the food – you would make me and the SO super happy 🙂

  4. souggy

    Wow. That’s quite generous Ben, you’re seriously doing this?

  5. Retty

    It is so sad to hear the news about Lumiere. I’ve been there twice when Feenie was still there and the food was beyond awesome. So yes for sure I would like to get a chance to taste it again for the last time. Chowtimes rocks! Carol too!

  6. Susan

    Carol rocks!


  7. Jared

    Carol rocks my socks off!

    I’ve heard good things about Lumiere but never got around to going. Sad to hear they’re closing up shop.

  8. Rachel

    Carol rocks, and you do too!

  9. audrey

    carol rocks!


  10. Leslie

    I want to take my parents out for a nice dinner because they work like dogs everyday, so if I get picked for this, that would be amazing!

  11. Dimsum

    I would love to use the gift card! Thanks 🙂

  12. Anthony

    Ohmigosh must enter this.
    And carol does rock.

  13. Anita

    Sad to hear it go. But Carol rocks!

  14. Eric

    You’re really generous, Ben and Suanne!

  15. Diana

    Carol rocks! 😀

  16. JT

    Carol rocks!

    Thanks for holding this draw. Chow Times rocks more!!!


  17. Claire

    I want the gift card as well! >””<
    my email: waterhell@gmail.com

    Sadly the restaurant is closing, there are so many talented staff there..i wonder what will happened to them 🙁 Although i guess many restaurants in Vancouver are facing finical crisis.. sigh!!

  18. Jacqueline

    Carol rocks, and so does Chowtimes!!
    Thanks Ben and Suanne 🙂

  19. Marisa

    Carol, Ben and Suanne all rock! 😀

  20. Anne

    Seeing that Lumiere is closing soon (and I haven’t been to it before), it would be awesome if I can win the gift card. Thanks Ben & Suanne for holding this contest.

  21. Ada

    Carol and Chowtimes ROCK!!

  22. Danita

    Carol does rock.
    Where does one able to watch this documentary besides the fairchild channel ?

    1. Carol

      As for now you can watch it on fairchild’s website (sorry there’s no direct link for the way the site is built)

      if you go to

      and click on episode 767’s part 3 ~ you should see (chowtimes on the side too)

      I am still waiting for the final copy to be sent back to me so I can get it to Ben.

  23. Christine

    Carol rocks! 🙂

  24. Mike

    Carol rocks! and so does Chowtimes!

  25. Celina

    Carol Rocks!


  26. Renee

    Ahh. I really hope to get this. I’ve always wanted to try!

  27. Kris

    Carol and Chowtimes both rock!!

  28. Ron

    Always wanted to try it out but never got around to it. Here’s my last chance I guess!

  29. Mary

    Carol Rocks!!

  30. Angela

    Carol rocks!

  31. Danielle Ow

    this blog ROCKS! oh ya, and so does Carol! enter me for the $100 GC pls!

  32. Dee

    Love Lumiere’s. Sad to hear it and DB Bistro are going..but maybe one last hurrah? 🙂

  33. Daniel

    It’s sad to see Lumiere and DB go. They were delicious!!

    Carol rocks!

  34. Martha

    wow thanks! and yes Carol rocks! =P

  35. Brendan

    Carol Rocks!
    in pink fluffy socks!
    with a box!
    of stuff…

    Chowtimes is pretty cool too. =)

    and Lumiere is tasty tasty goodness.

  36. Angie

    I’ve only been to Lumiere once a long time ago and it was an awesome dinner. I’d love to go back again b4 they close. Thanks, Chowtimes!!

  37. Matthew

    I’ve never been fine dining before, but lumiere looks amazing!

  38. Elaine

    Carol rocks!

  39. Jeannie

    Been to Lumiere once when the brother-in-law treated us. It was a great experience with wine pairings and all (and especially when someone else is paying!) Carol Rocks!!

  40. Olivia

    Carol and Chowtimes rocks!!!

  41. Chrissie

    Thanks Ben and suanne (and carol!) for offering such a great gift!

  42. mike

    carol rocks!

  43. Thomas

    Carol and Chowtimes Rocks!!

  44. chowchowchow

    Carol rocks! but so does Chowtimes 🙂

  45. Foodprints

    carol rocks but chowtimes rocks my world =)

  46. Jennifer

    I’d love to go to Lumiere! 😀

  47. Tony

    Chowtimes rocks!

  48. Diana

    need more excuses to get fat!

  49. Andrew

    Carol rocks!

  50. cheryl

    CAROL ROCKS !! I love lumiere!! I love CHOWTIMES!! lovefest

  51. Christine

    Carol rocks!!! So do you and Suanne!

  52. Beth

    Carol rocks! 🙂 would like to try the food at this restaurant!! thanks for your generosity.

    About JB Malaysian new restaurant at Royal Oak, I had fried ipoh hor fun with eggs, not appealing but generous portion for lunch. Someone next table order laksa, I think it’s more like curry mei fun but lacking the chilli oil, mmmmmm something’s lacking.

  53. Tracy

    Carol Rocks!!! please pick me =)

  54. EDC

    Thanks Ben 🙂

  55. Elmer Abejo

    Carol rocks! 😉 i want the giftcard please…

  56. ylw_bug

    I had my wedding reception about DB bistro, so it will be a great and sweet memory if we can go there again before they close down for business.

  57. Chubbychick

    It’s too bad that they’re closing 🙁
    but hey… a giftcard would be nice!

  58. Gary

    Carol Rocksss x 100!


  59. Iris

    Carol rocks!!!

    I’ve always wanted to try these two restaurants, so sad that they are closing.

  60. DarlinG

    wow~ been to DB and had a great experience. would love to get be the lucky one for this gift card.

  61. Eric

    Wow, I would love to experience Lumiere before it closes, maybe there will be a new restaurant to come of this, like when fuel became refuel. Chowtimes Rocks, Carol Rocks!

  62. Victor

    You know, I lived in Vancouver practically my whole life, yet I have never tried Lumiere’s, not even when Feenie ran it.

  63. Barb

    Carol rocks!

  64. Peter Holbrook

    never been there but it looks great,
    wouldn’t mind a nice dine out
    with my girlfriend

  65. Michelle

    Let try my luck….:-). Thanks!!

  66. leila

    Carol and Chowtimes rocks!

  67. Jenica

    Always have wanted to try Lumiere was hoping that once I earned enuf $$$ I could go, but how sad that they’re closing eh? BTW Carol ROX!

  68. Brenda

    I would definitely use it!

  69. Cliff

    Sad to see this restaurant go.

  70. Amanda

    I used to live down the street from lumiere! But recently moved…I would gladly go back for dinner though…

  71. Amanda

    Carol rocks

  72. Candace

    Carol rocks

  73. Anna

    Carol rocks! <3

  74. Crystal Hon

    Carol Rocks!

  75. Jessica Lewthwaite

    carol rocks!

  76. Lia

    That would be a lovely way to visit Lumiere before it goes under! 😀

  77. Tracy

    Wow! Amazing prize! Hope I win 😀

  78. Winnie


    Are you sure that you and Suanne don’t want it? You can easily spend it for a brunch of 4 (with the boys) at DB.
    May be you should at least put your own email to the draw list. And if you win it again, you really should try it before it’s gone.

    I sure don’t mind going to DB for brunch or dinner again.


  79. Jessica C.

    Carol rocks!
    Thank you for your genorosity Chowtimes. ^_^

  80. Janet

    Carol Rocks!!!

  81. Alice

    Carol really really rocks lol

  82. Linda

    Carol Rocks! This giveaway rocks too!

  83. Sonya

    Carol rocks! =)

  84. Emily

    Carol Rocks!!

  85. DMacdonald

    Thanks Chowtimes for all your hard work.

  86. Wynnie

    Carol & Chowtimes Rocks!! 🙂

  87. Anna

    Carol rocks!

  88. Justin Bieber

    Carol rocks! 😀

  89. Quenchiest

    So generous. Carol rocks!

    Thanks Ben/Suanne!

  90. Jenny

    “Carol rocks!”.

  91. Sandy

    Carol ROCKS! …….n I Love your blog ~

  92. Maggie

    I’m sad to see both restaurants go… I haven’t had the chance to try Lumiere (out of my budget) but my experiences at db have been great!

  93. David

    carol rocks!

  94. Keith

    Carol Rocks!

  95. Hannah


  96. Laurie Thi

    Would love to go to lumiere. Can’t remember when my hubby and I last had a date night since our daughter was born 3 yrs ago!!

  97. Laura

    This is extremely generous of you annnnnd CAROL ROCKS!

  98. Pat

    Ben, Suanne and Carol rock!

    Thanks so much for your generosity!

  99. Cesilia

    Wow! What a shame you can’t go. Carol does rock!

  100. joyce

    Pretty please =)

  101. Shaun

    Carol ROCKS!

  102. Chao

    carol is awesome (:

  103. Sharon

    that’s very generous of you guys!

  104. Sam


  105. pinoy gourmet

    Carol Rocks Add me to the Raffle

  106. Noreen

    Carol rocks!! !! !! !! !!

  107. I like pie

    How sad… I’ve been meaning to try Lumiere for so long. And Carol does rock!

  108. Jess

    Wow, well yes, Carol obviously rocks, and btw, so does chowtimes! I have my friends all looking at your blog 🙂

  109. Shopaholicinvan

    Carol Rocks!
    Chow Time Rocks!
    Chez Suanne apparently Rocks too; but not accepting resos!
    Of course, Ben and Suanne rock too!

    Would really rock if I could go back one last time…last time I went was Dine out last year! 🙁

  110. David

    HOORAY! Carol rocks!

  111. Kirby

    Carol rocks!! You guys are so generous!:D

  112. Iris

    Carol rocks!! We would love to try it out (first time)!!

  113. Sandra M.

    Carol rocks! Thanks for the giveaway Ben & Suanne!

  114. Vivian

    This is so kind of you guys to do this! Carol rocks and so does chowtimes!

  115. Sharon

    hmm see my email didn’t show, so just to be certain: sharon.*****@*****.com

    1. Ben

      Hi Sharon: In order to protect yourself, we don’t show your email to the public. Rest assured, we have your email on record. Ben

  116. KK

    Carol rocks!!
    / …db/Lumiere

  117. Jennifer

    What a great opportunity to try two of Vancouver’s best known restaurants!

    Thank you Carol & Chowtimes!

  118. Joce

    Carol and chowtime rocks! What an opportunity!

  119. Adam

    Carol rocks!

  120. Vinyse

    Carol rocks! Chowtimes rocks! Thanks for your generosity, and for all the heart and soul you put into sharing your passion for food!

  121. Jenny

    Carol rocks!

  122. Suzie

    Carol rocks!

    thank you =)

  123. Susan

    Chowtimes and Carol rock the foodblog world!

  124. Peter

    carol rocks! so does chowtimes 🙂

  125. Charity

    Carol Rocks!

  126. Dana

    Carol Rocks!!!

  127. Kevin

    Chowtimes & Carol rock.

    Hope you’re prepared…I’m going to bet you get around 300 comments. 🙂

  128. Mango

    Carol Rocks!

    and so does Ben and Suanne!

  129. gish

    Thank you Carol and thank you Chowtimes!

  130. S. Rose


  131. 4SlicesofCheese

    Very Generous of you guys and Carol rocks of course!

  132. Peter V

    Carol rocks! And so do Ben and Suanne!

  133. Crispy Lechon

    I dont know Carol but I believe she rocks. And so do Ben and Suanne. Hope to win the nice dinner.

  134. Wasabi

    carol and chow times r-r-r- are so generous with this promotion!
    so sad to see lumiere go!

  135. Canido

    carol rocks!!

    thanks for holding the giveaway!! =)

  136. Carlos

    Ben, Suanne and Carol all collectively rock. Thanks and all the best to all of you.

  137. Jeff

    Carol most certainly rocks!

  138. Ning

    Carol rocks?~

  139. Jason

    Wow – hard to believe you can’t use this yourself! Such a great draw!

  140. Lissa

    Wah, you dangle such a big piece of cheese and everyone’s coming out from the woodwork 🙂

  141. cmee8

    Carol, chowtimes n foodies rocks 🙂

  142. Brad

    Carol ROCKS!!!!!!

  143. Tracy

    Carol rocks!

  144. Alicia

    I would love to go to Lumiere! Carol rocks!!!

  145. Angela W

    Chowtimes is the spot!

  146. Ariel

    I would like the card please!

    …btw Ben & Suanne I’ve been following your blog since your early days and this is my first time posting! I feel greedy that my first post is to win something but hopefully because of this post I’ll start making comments regularly! I absolutely love your blog!

  147. Donny

    😀 Love the blog, Carol rocks my socks!

  148. Jay

    I’ve never been to Lumiere before as it has always been out of my budget, but have always heard good things about it. Perhaps this is my chance. Thanks Chowtimes, Ben, Suanne and Carol for the opportunity. You all rock!

  149. Alex

    Chow Times and Carol Rock!

  150. Erica Son

    ohhhhhh ii really wanna try the place too 🙁 thanks

  151. Amy

    Everyone rocks!

  152. Jessica

    Carol and Chow Times rocks!

    I’ve been to DB for lunch one time, and it was well worth the money. I’d definitely go again.

  153. Peter

    Me and my gf went to Lumiere for our 6 months anniversary. Very sad to see it close and can’t celebrate there for our anniversary anymore.

  154. Mike

    carol rocks! and chowtime rocks too!!

  155. J.

    Carol, Ben, and Suanne rock!

  156. Andrew R.

    I like Chow Times and food – pick me! This will be a welcome change to my life of instant ramen, and more ramen.

  157. Nancy L

    Carol rocks! Chowtimes rocks even more. Somebody’s birthday is coming up so what a great way to celebrate!

  158. Betty

    I’ve never been to lumiere’s before. It would be a pleasure to enter this draw. Thanks Ben!

  159. Noelle

    I’ve always wanted to try Lumiere, this is so nice of you to give it away! <3

  160. Marty

    Chowtimes is my daily indulgence. You rock!

  161. Mui

    I’d like to visit the restaurant too! Thanks Chow Times!!!!

  162. Serena

    Carol rocks!

  163. Edwina


  164. Will Chow

    Carol Rocks!!!!!!!!

  165. Jane

    Really? I can’t believe they’re closing down. That’s so sad. I heard the people there were really friendly and nice although their price was kinda too high. I’m wondering if the main reason for their closing is just that the restaurant isn’t busy enough to cover the costs. I thought fine dining restaurants were very profitable. Anyway I wish all the staff n the owner the best for their future business or career.

  166. cindy


  167. Love&Enjoy Food Joyce

    Carol Rocks!

  168. Jayda

    Carol rocks!

  169. Foodie David

    Carol Rocks!!!

  170. akwok

    Carol rocks? :-p

  171. Joanna

    carol rocks!

  172. Kathy Chan

    Carol AND Ben/Suzanne rock!! This is really generous!

  173. Kitty

    Carol rocks!

  174. Yvonne

    Carol rocks!

  175. Hsiao-Yu

    carol + chowtimes both rock!!!!

  176. k

    i would love to go! please enter me in the draw.

  177. adam

    I’d like that gift card. I’d get another one of those tasty burgers!

  178. LeBam

    Very generous of you both!
    Thanks for doing this!

  179. Stephanie

    I would love to have the opportunity to go to Lumiere!

  180. Jacob

    I live right across from lumiere and DB — it’ll be strange to see them pack up shop.

  181. flown

    I’ve never stepped foot in Lumiere or dB Bistro before; however, I would definitely love to give them a go before they close down with this gift card!

    Thanks Chowtimes and Carol!

  182. Barbara

    Thanks for your generosity Chowtimes!

    Would love to have a last meal at Lumiere before it’s lights fade out…

    Keep on Rockin’!!

  183. vhearts

    carol + chowtimes rocks!

  184. JD Doan

    Carol Rocks!

  185. Charlene

    give it to me baby! thank you!

  186. Moira

    Carol sure does rock!

  187. Yang

    Chowtime and Carol, you guys are awesome!

  188. Jay Rock

    Down to dine in style. CHOWTIMES ROCKS

  189. Marike

    Ben and Suanne rock! 🙂

    Would love to celebrate my birthday here!

  190. Vivian

    “Carol rocks!”–so does Chowtimes!

    Thanks! 🙂

  191. Kent

    Carol rocks!

  192. Teresa

    Carol rocks!

    But really, Chowtimes totally rocks!! Been reading your blog for awhile now, sorry I’ve never commented before. You are always entertaining and I love the mix of recipes, restaurant reviews, and travel reviews. (I recently re-read your SF reviews, as I was heading there for a few days. Thanks for all the helpful tips and reviews that you posted! It definitely helped me prioritize what I wanted to experience in SF.)

  193. Victoria

    Carol rocks.

  194. Michelle

    Carol and Chow Times are both awesome. 😀

  195. Cecilia Au

    It is a pity to see Lumiere and DB Bistro go. I have been there a few times, they are very good restaurants.

  196. HM

    Haha Ben, so many readers surfaced for this gift card! Just too bad Rob Fennie no longer cooks there (heard he’s with Cactus Club now).

    Anyways, Chowtimes ROCKS & so does Carol! She actually read your post & I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks Chowtimes & you guys are awesome!

  197. alice

    I love your blog for highlighting restaurants that otherwise get almost no press. Keep up the great work!

  198. Jasmine

    Chow times rocks!!!

  199. Charlene

    Carol rocks!

  200. Jimmy

    Carol and Chowtimes are awesome!!

  201. merileee

    ben and suanne rock! (carol too!)

  202. Elaine C.

    Carol and Chowtimes rocks!!!

  203. wilson

    Heard lots about this place but never had the chance to go. Thanks for the opportunity to win Ben/Suanne. BTW carol rocks 🙂

  204. Shiela

    Awesome! Carol and Chowtimes rock! =)

  205. Edith

    whoohoo! Carol rocks! 🙂

  206. Thazin Khin

    Carol rocks indeed!

    After this week, a little something would be nice. 😉

  207. Patrick

    Carol Rocks!

  208. Simon

    Chowtimes Rocks!

  209. grayelf

    Carol rocks!

  210. Jennifer

    I’ve always wanted to go to Lumiere!

  211. Lynne

    CAROL SURE ROCKS, AND SO DO YOU, BEN! YOU ARE SOOOO GENEROUS TO SHARE THIS. My hubby & I would love to be able to have a meal at Lumiere; heard so much about it but been too pricey for us. Please enter us in your draw today. Many thanks!

  212. Thuy

    Carol rocks

  213. Sandi

    Carol, Chowtimes AND Lumiere ROCK! RIP Lumiere…we’ll always have the memories…

  214. Jenny

    wow.. so generous for both Carol and Chowtimes.. Carol Rocks!

  215. Frank

    Carol totally rocks! Thanks.

  216. maggie

    Would love you go!!!!!!!

  217. Caitlin

    I would love this so much! And Carol rocks!

  218. Jacky

    I was planning to go before they close! I can really make use of it!

    Carol ROCKS!

  219. Ada

    Sad to hear that Lumiere is closing:(.
    I hope the person who wins the card will take lots of photos and enjoy his/her dinner at Lumiere.

  220. Jacqui

    would be great to visit before they close. thanks =)

  221. Bons

    Really want to win a GC to Lumiere!

  222. lucy

    carol rocksss !

  223. Elmer

    Carol rocks and so does Ben! It would be nice to try out Lumiere before they close down 😉

  224. Norah

    Chowtimes is the best thing ever!

  225. Kevin

    Carol rocks!

  226. Burnett

    Carol rocks! Being the winner of this draw would be absolutely divine!

  227. Kevin Chang

    Carol Rocks! ^.^ Hope you pick me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Just for the squiggles? =D)

  228. Sher

    I found your site when I was researching for my trip to Spain, and then I got hook on all the delicious food porn you post everyday!!!

    Awesome website, keep up the good work!

    1. Ben

      Hi Sher: Have you made your trip to Spain yet? Let me know if you have questions. It’s fun to re-live the fun we had in Spain. Ben

  229. ming

    Pick me! Pick me!
    I wanna go to Lumiere one last time!

  230. Sarah

    Carol and you guys rock!

  231. Winnie

    thanks for being so generous!!

  232. sherwin

    I WANT IT ! thank you

  233. Wendy

    Wow… thanks for your generosity. Chowtimes and Carol rock!

  234. iPanda

    WoW, thanks Ben for giving this GC away.

    And of course, “Carol rocks!” 🙂

  235. Eric Wee

    email correction… this is the correct one, sorry

  236. rosa

    Carol ROCKS!

  237. vincent



  238. Christine


  239. Sandra W.

    Carol rocks! This card would be great!

  240. Eliza

    CAROL ROCKS!!!!!!

  241. Ryan

    Carol Rocks!

  242. April

    Carol rocks!

  243. Lai

    Carol rocks!

  244. Clara

    Carol rocks!

  245. Angela

    Carol really rocks!

  246. Angelee

    Chowtimes is awesome!!!

  247. Jasmine

    Chowtimes rocks!

  248. Polly

    Carol rocks!!!!!!!

  249. Aaron

    Carol rocks!

  250. Martin

    Carol rocks.

  251. Wilbetson

    Carol totally rocks!

  252. Carmen


  253. Doug

    Carol Rocks!

  254. Jessica

    Chowtimes, Ben, Suanne, and Carol all rock!

  255. jordan

    “Carol rocks!”

  256. Aaron S

    Carol rocks!

  257. Alana

    Carol REALLY rocks!! 🙂

  258. Daniel

    Carol rocks! So do Ben and Suanne!

  259. Edward

    Carol rocks!

  260. Lea

    Carol rocks!!

  261. Alana

    Carol Rocks!

  262. Jessica

    hmmmmm I love db bistro moderne and Lumiere hehehe!

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