9 thoughts on “If Ben Weighs 75kg, How Heavy Is This Alaskan King Crab?

  1. If Ben left Richmond on an eastbound train with an 8kg AKC onboard at 75mph at 10am, and Crispy Lechon left Winnipeg on a westbound train with a 5kg AKC onboard at 60mph at 11:30am, what time will each of them get hungry ?

      • Both AKC will not meet each other. It takes the 10 minutes for the eastbound AKC to steam with garlic and 45 seconds to devour. The westbound one did not even stand a chance. It was eaten raw instantly – sashimi style.

      • Bravo …… that’s the outcome I was expecting from you two !!!

        Or maybe Crispy deep-fried the darn thing.

  2. I would be careful eating seafood caught from the Pacific Ocean over the next year due to the spillage of Japanese nuclear fuel, especially the bigger specimens. The bigger they are the more toxins they have. If they don’t have nuclear fuel inside of them, there is a good chance they’ve absorbed tons of mercury.

    Personally, I am only going to be eating Atlantic caught seafood for the next year, and maybe longer.

    Think about it next time you eat seafood.

    This year’s AKC fest maybe pretty safe, but I’d watch out next year.

    Then again maybe I’m just being paranoid.

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