Seoul Day 1: Namdaemun Market

Our hotel is just a short walk to the Namdaemun Market. So, after we checked in, we walked to the Namdaemun Market for lunch.


Namdaemum Market is a traditional market; the oldest and largest in Korea. We felt that it resembles Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur.


By the way, Namdaemun means “Great South Gate”.


The first stall we came upon was some kind of fried fish cake stall.


We got one to try. It cost KRW3000 (about CAD3). The exchange rate was about 1CAD to 1000KRW.


It was a big fish cake filled with some kind vermicelli wrapped in seaweed and it was not fishy. There were several sauces for you to pick to enjoy with the fish cake.


The neighbouring stall was making something like a pancake.


Further down the market, we bought a Donut to try. It was KRW1000 (CAD1). It looks like “Hum Jin Bang”.


This was filled with Red Bean Paste.


We then went into the indoor market to explore further.


We settled with one of the stall to have lunch. Customers ate in front of the stall seating tightly on a row of seats.


Banchans that came with our meal.


This banchan has some noodle in it.


Salad for our meal.


Our main dish is some kind of noodle soup. The meal cost KRW10500 (about CAD10.50).

It was not the most comfortable place to eat but we enjoyed the food.

We went back to the hotel to have a short nap since we woke up very early for the early flight.

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