Chez Suanne’s Purin: Sales Update

We received a few emails asking us if we are serious about the Chez Suanne making purin and selling it. The background of this initiative is found on this post called Battle of the Purins: Cake Ya $2.50 vs Chez Suanne $1.25.

The answer is, yeah, we are serious. We are serious in a fun sort of way. It is something we thought would be great to extend the sharing of things related to food. Through the posts on chowtimes, we share our experiences and stories and in return we get to learn a lot more from you all.


The above is the actual action shot of the purin made by Chez Suanne. They are as real as you can see above.

This is another crazy experiment that Ben cooked up and which we think is fun. In this experiment, we want to see if we can raise the engagement with chowtimes readers not just reading posts and attending chowdowns but also sharing Suanne’s amateur cooking every everyone.

We are not here for the money, obviously. We just want to go through the motions of doing something fun and putting our passion in action. We think through this process we will learn a few things but I think the best thing is we will have fun.


Then there is this nagging question if Chez Suanne is up to snuff with handling food and such. There! Suanne has basic training in food handling and in her weekly involvement in the Richmond Community Kitchen, she is very much exposed to proper food safety matters.

Hehehe … here is the fun part. So how many orders did Chez Suanne manage so far? Here are the total orders received: 

  • Fri, 25-Mar-2011: 10 cups
  • Sat, 26-Mar-2011: 5 cups

Look at that! Sales increased to 150% after just one day!

Don’t blame me. I am a half-cup full kind of person. I am an eternal optimist. LOL!

We are going to make the jaws of our customers drop. Just you watch. Anyone else wants to order the purins? Just send your order to (updated 11th Oct 2014; this offer is not longer available).

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  1. Crispy Lechon

    Oh.. you didnt include my order of 10 cups (or 10 plus 2 free). I am serious with it. I just dont want it on the dollar store cups. I prefer the Daiso cups and I will pay extra for it, or I can provide you with the Chinese ceramic cups.

  2. joyce

    Why don’t you sell the purin for $5 and donate the rest to Japan relief fund? Or have a bake sale! =)

  3. Marike

    I’d go in on a bake sale for Japan!

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