Goodbye: From to

Hi All:

It had been a good run. All good things must come to an end.

You see, there is a reason why I had been harping on the word Chez Suanne the last little while. I like to introduce to you our new adventure:


Yeah, it is our new food blog. This is all exciting for us as we bring the blog to the next level. Frankly after more than five years writing about restaurants, we are already bored stiff. Time to move on to new and exciting stuff. Our new URL is

Here is another good news for us too. You see, we had been approached to sell along with all the 2170 posts in it. Sorry, your comments (21,427 comments) goes along with the deal too. It was a deal we cannot refuse. Now you know why I had removed the logo from this blog header a couple of weeks ago. Going forward will no longer be about the food adventures of Ben and Suanne.

The good news is that will continue to be about food adventures. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to the new blogger of … 

The new blogger name is Avril. Unlike Ben and Suanne who does not use our last name, Avril does not mind sharing everything about herself. She will be even more open about her personal life than every blogger on this planet. Avril is Chinese, like us, and her last name is Foo.

I know you guys are curious and wants to know how much is worth. You see the deal we struck with Avril was that Avril will pay us $4.01 per post. In addition, each of the comments are sold for 41 cents. So you do the math. That is serious money we are talking about here!

Thanks a lot for your support all these years. Adious, goodbye, au revoir and zai-jian.

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    1. Ben

      Hehehe … kind of lame, huh?

  1. BeefChowFun

    April Fools.

  2. Ryan

    I was worried….

  3. Joan

    You really had me! I was teary eyed at the thought of losing the best food blog in the world 🙂 Then I saw the comments… until then I thought you were totally serious – Good one Ben!

  4. fmed

    Farewell Ben and may you have an endless supply of lemon water in your future endeavors.

  5. 604munchies

    hahah you got me too ben! argh, I’m so easy to trick haha, completely forgot that today’s april fools! lol! =D

  6. LotusRapper

    Ben, I would have believed you if you said the site was gonna be “CiaoTimes”, hahaha. Nice try, but we’re pretty smart, eh ?

  7. jenny

    Good one Ben, you almost had me, until I saw the name of the new blogger and her ‘ambition’. LOL

  8. Jacqueline

    OMG…. you guys really had me! Until I saw the comments section… LOL

  9. Pinoy Gourmet

    Good One Ben,You almost got me also Until I remembered it was April 1 I was about to comment that the amount was too low based on your page views which should be in the lower mid 5 figures.Remember Real Life that I work in a field that does lots of business valuation.

  10. Maggie

    The ultimate clue that this was an April Fool’s prank was the claim that anyone would be willing to pay 41 cents for each of our comments. I am sort of surprised that you didn’t say that we had to pay her $.41 for each comment we made before Avril Foo would take the blog off your hands.

  11. Thomas

    But, but, but, I LOVE Avril Foo! 😉

    A classic. I’ll remember this.

  12. Soo SEn Lee

    that was a good one!

  13. hungry in tsawwassen

    I’m such an idiot. I even did the math to see how much you made before reading the comments and getting a clue!

    1. Ben

      Hi hungry in tsawwassen: LOL! I did not even do the math. So, how much did Avril Foo pay for chowtimes? Ben

    2. LotusRapper

      I did the math too. Not like Ben & Suanne will be retiring off into the sunset with that amount. I figured there’d be a lot of “4’s” and “1’s” in the total …… nope !

  14. Crispy Lechon

    Ok Ben, I have taken the food blog plunge. After seeing I tried setting one myself. I’m still learning the ropes so I may need some assistance from you if you dont mind. But anyways, here is my very first post.

    1. Ben

      OMG! Is this another April 1st prank? This can’t be true! LOL!

      1. Crispy Lechon

        Geez Ben, after spending a couple of hours setting up my WordPress blog and writing my very first post, you say its an April fools day prank? Geez u dont have faith in me. LOL.

        1. Ben

          Yes! My faith in you had been restored. You really did get started. I thought you were pulling a counter prank on me. Way to go Crispy! Ben

          1. Ben

            Ah so. It was a Crispy prank after all. I thought you were serious after so many people who wished you well. All I have to say is … “way to go Crispy”. Will go and remove your “blog” from the blogroll now.

          2. Crispy Lechon

            Sorry Ben. But I will keep my WordPress account just in case I really do decide to start a food blog.

          3. Ben

            Nah … nice try, Crispy. Ever heard of the story of the boy of who cried wolf. LOL! Ben

          4. Crispy Lechon

            Well I’ll make sure I wont announce the start of my real food blog on April Fools Day. LOL. 🙂

          5. Shmoo

            Aww, I was looking forward to a month’s worth of lechon. 🙂

  15. grace

    My heart dropped for a minute – I love this blog!

  16. Dolphiny

    My heart dropped for a second until I saw the comments. Good one, Ben! And I’m glad it’s only a April Fool’s joke~ =)

  17. timetochow

    nice try Ben. Avril Foo who? LoL.
    CL, all the best look forward to your post.

  18. Sybil

    Phew…. you almost had me believing Ben! Nice one!

  19. Jane

    Omg I’m so sad to hear this and it seems so sudden! Chowtimes was my fave food blog. I hope the old posts will still be visible and that more foodie recommendations will be coming this way 🙁 I do wish ben and suanne all the best in their new adventure

  20. Jane

    OK I fell for that LOL. I’m on my cell phone so the comments don’t load and I didn’t click to read the comments til I submitted my comment HAHAHA I HATE YOU!! I really thought 5 years of food blogging has bored you :S

  21. Cecilia

    So glad that this is just a joke. I love your blog.

  22. ease

    I was thinking……. WHY would you do such a thing?
    What a joke!!

  23. Marike

    Haha, Avril Foo!

  24. Avril Foo

    Thank god because I don’t remember buying this site

    1. Ryan

      LOL – this made my day!

      you’ve developed quite a following ben. congrats on your good work, and please don’t stop.

    2. Ben

      Hi All: The “Avril Foo” in this comment actually came from Nanzaro. Ignore him, OK? Ben

      Hi Avril Foo a.k.a. Nanzaro: Very funny. You are hereby dinged 1 hr internet time per day for the next 7 days. Enjoy the rest of your spring break. 🙂 Dad

      1. Kevin

        Bahahha. Best dad ever.

        1. Ben

          LOL, I hope you don’t take things too seriously!

  25. Shmoo

    Okay, so leading off with the Chez Suanne part was great, because it lent a certain credibility to the opening. 🙂

    I thought something like, “wow, either Suanne has buckled under the pressure of Ben’s desire for more food blogs in Vancouver, or the purin business must really be taking off fast!”

    Heh heh.

    There was a moment of total surprise as I read on (and not quite enough disbelief), but I did snap out of it as I read more of your interesting, errr, details.

    Happy spring! Enjoy a round of lukewarm lemon water on us! 🙂

  26. Σ(゚д゚lll) I didn’t fall for the prank but I just noticed I’m an idiot… I always thought Suanne’s name was Suzanne …
    I sorr (´・_・`) lol~

  27. James

    I may not get lucky to day with Mr Avril Foo, but the stock market is way up in this April fool day.

    1. Ben

      That’s MISS Avril Foo, James … Avril’s a she, not a mister.

      1. James

        Sorry Miss, you really fooled me.

  28. Ryan

    Adious? I hope Miss Foo realizes the size of the boots she must fill. Before you go do you by any chance have the recipe for that delicious lemon soup that they serve with seafood at the Chinese restaurants? I have been trying to recreate it at home to no avail. It tastes too watery.

  29. mo

    aw man, i shoulda told patch to play a prank on you at lunch

    1. Ben

      OMG. I just realized that I forgot to ask Patch for the money for the purins. And he forgot to give it to me. Oh … How am I gonna tell Suanne when I get home. I am in serious trouble I know.

      1. mo

        time to change my number and leave town with free purins

  30. Lily

    Hahaha… Ranks right up there with the dubious l’eau citron served at fine Chinese restaurants.

    1. Ben

      LOL, I like that name … l’eau citron. Gonna borrow that name for use next time. Ben

  31. Doris Jung

    Here’s helping you with the Avril Foo take-over! Happy April Fool’s Day, Ben & Suanne!

  32. cjyee

    dammit!!! fooled!!! hahaha…i’m so gullible. good one 🙂

  33. Alice

    kena cheated also…..TT

    1. Ben

      I like the use of the word “kena”!

  34. Jacob

    Ahahaha…. you got me. I should’ve realized…

  35. ting

    hey ben, I was just wondering, have you post about the alaskan king crab dinner sponsored by the golden great wall restaurant? I dont live in canada, but would just like to read about the event.

    1. Ben

      Hi Ting: Yeah, that is one post that is so behind, like a lot of my other posts too. I’ll get down to it … soon! Not sure when though. Maybe late next week of early the week after judging from the sequence of posts I need to do.

  36. Johan

    Does Avril have a nice smile, just like you?

    1. Ben

      Oh, “Avril” is a carbon copy of me. Same sense of humor too. LOL!

  37. I like pie

    Epic. You got me!

  38. 3rensho

    Jeeeeez you guys. I fell for that hook, line and sinker. DOH!!!

  39. Carol

    nice one~

    did you see the new gmail motion?

    1. Ben

      Hey Carol: Yeah, I did. It was mentioned here somewhere within the mesh of comments. It was really classy huh? It looks like something that someone like you will be able to do very well! Wish I have the resources (and talent!) to do something like this next year. Ben

  40. brownsugar

    you got me.
    I only found it after bookmarking “Chez Susanne”.

  41. Diana

    At first I thought it was super strange that you would give away all your 5 years of hard work for money.
    oh…. you got me.

    SO glad you are still going to be keeping us entertained for many many more years to come.
    There is a reason why I don’t like April Fools…I am so gullible!

  42. joyluckclub

    OMG…OK you had me..but I had a glass or two of wine
    ….and I believed every thing you said……

    thanks for a good laugh…

    Waiting with baited breath for
    April 2nd!!!!

  43. Shirl

    Man, I was keeping my eyes open for pranks but I still fell for this one!

  44. moomonkey

    Fooled me until I saw the first comment 😛

  45. HM

    You cracked me up tho I only read this blog on Apr 2! Kudos Nanzaro, good one!!

  46. Shopaholicinvan

    Okay, I read this post on April 2nd and was quite shocked. Forgot that yesterday was April Fool’s Day even after reading the name of the new blogger (nice name picking Avril)! Whew…I rely heavily on you and Suanne to point me to the good restaurants!

  47. Peter E

    @Ryan: I was p*ssed off.
    @Ben: :-p nice one.

  48. Nong

    LOL, I started doing the math…hahaha, then my screen scrolled down to the comments…:)

  49. Anne

    Good one, Ben. I can’t believe I fell for that too.

  50. Mike

    Oh man you totally had me – it is April 3rd here on the other side of the world and I didn’t think for a second this was a joke until I started reading the comments. I was about to ask you if there was a chance for you to rescind on the deal as you were taking waaaaay too little money given your traffic levels. Glad to see you aren’t throwing a few hundred grand into the air after all these years of effort 😉

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