There is no love sincerer than the love of food
~ Geoffrey Neighor

Rachel gave us a box of Laksa paste and premixes which they brought for us all the way from Singapore. This was what is rightfully called Laksa Lemak because there are many varieties of Laksa. This version of Laksa is of Peranakan origin, that is, born of the intermarriage of Chinese and Malay cultures.

Laksa lemak, also known as nonya laksa, is a type of laksa served in a rich coconut gravy. The presence of the coconut cream (the pressed “milk” of the grated flesh of a fresh coconut) which adds a distinctive richness to the dish. Laksa is traditionally garnished with laksa leaf, also known as Vietnamese coriander or Vietnamese mint.


Here are the ingredients we use to prepare the Laksa for lunch.

Ingredient (3).0The Laksa box contained four pouches:(1) the Laksa Premix,
(2) the Laksa Paste,
(3) Sambal Chili and
(4) Dried Laksa Leaves.
Ingredient (2).0For noodles, we use the shanghai thin noodles.
Ingredient (1).0We also had some fried beancurd (tofu-pok).
Ingredient (4).0For meat, we use fishballs and prawns. Cilantro is used to garnish the dish.

The Laksa can be used to make two-three servings.

Preparation (2).3 The premix is basically dehydrated coconut milk powder which is added to water and stirred until completely dissolved.
Preparation (6)The Laksa Paste is then added and whisk to completely blended. The Laksa Paste is which give the taste of fresh herbs and spices.

It’s ready to be boiled over high heat. Suanne did not cover the pot so that it does not boil over.

Preparation (7)The fried bean curd is cut into triangles so that it absorbs the gravy better.
Preparation (8)After adding the fried bean curd and fishballs, the boiling takes another 5 minutes before the prawns are added last.
Preparation (9)The Laksa is then scooped into bowls of noodles.

To serve, Suanne added the Sambal chilli which gives the dish the spicyness and the dried Laksa Leaves. The Cilantro is added for garnishing.

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  1. polly saw

    wow! taste good, right ?, we love Laksa too, this product (Prima Taste) u can buy it from Vincent’s work place. This coming sunday gathering, I will cook the S’pore curry chicken using the same product too! have u try others such as “S’pore Chilli Crab” , “Nonya Sambal” ? Vincent said: this is the best curry ever since we were here, but the price is too expensive, 5.98 each!!!

  2. Suanne

    Oh yeah, the Laksa is good. I didn’t know about the other types. The Chilli Crab sounds good. I will try to look for it and cook it for Ben. Looking forward to your curry chicken on Sunday!

  3. derberg

    mee siam, rojak, chilli crab are good too.

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