Fake Eggs

Gosh. I just read this news article of a Malaysian housewife who discovered fake eggs she bought in the market. I never knew such things existed but Suanne said she had come across this in youtube before. So here it is … and it is in English:



So what do you think of that? The video above even show how these fake eggs are made.

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  1. Marike

    Crazy! Some people are desperate to make profit and others are trying to save money but end up with fake food. How sad.

  2. C.Herb

    I heard about this a few years ago in China. It’s pretty bad because the chemicals used caused birth defects in unborn babies… ><

    1. Ben

      Hi C.Herb: You are right. I just noticed that this video was uploaded in Oct 2009. So this practice had been going on for sometime already huh?

    1. Ben

      Hi Joe: Wow, your youtube video went back even further back. So this is old news already, huh? I guess this just made its way to Malaysia now. Ben

  3. Ant

    Hi Ben. First time poster, long time reader.

    After watched the video, I have a guess as to how the “egg yolk” is made. It could be made by a method called spherification. Sodium alginate is mixed in with the liquid, in this case, some leftover egg yolk. It is then dropped into what the video call the “coagulating liquid” of water and calcium chloride. Once dropped, a layer of gel will form and encapsulate the liquid into a sphere of “egg yolk”. Once burst, the content spills out like normal again.

    I am still trying to figure out how they create the egg white and the shell. But it all seems very interesting to me 🙂


    1. Ben

      Hi Ant: You sound like a MolGas enthusiast. Ben

  4. mo

    after hearing about fake eggs and other fake meat stories, i wonder if money is actually saved after all the chemicals and processes are used to make these dummy items. it’s probably easier to just steal non-unionized chickens and make it work overtime.

    1. LotusRapper

      Or come up with a way to manufacture FAKE CHICKENS …… which would lay genuine fake eggs ….. problem solved !!!

      1. Ben

        Hi LotusRapper: Whoa … not so easy. First we have to know which came first … the fake chicken or the fake egg?

  5. Ed Lau

    Are you really surprised? There’s fake everything in China. Anything to make an extra dollar. Remember when they had contaminated fake milk/formula that killed babies?

    Or maybe the video that showed how pork buns (not all of them obviously) can be convincingly created out of a mixture of old, boiled cardboard boxes? Yes, cardboard boxes. Not even clean ones.

    Personally, I avoid food products from China whenever possible. I know it’s unlikely any of this garbage will make it to Canada with our import laws but still, never know.

    1. LotusRapper

      Hey Ed, do you know how cocktail buns were invented ? I was actually kind of grossed out when I first read about it:


      It originates in the 1950s, is a type of bun stuffed with a filling made of unsold buns, sugar, and shredded coconut. At the time, the proprietors of bakeries found aversion to the wasteful disposal of unsold, but nonetheless edible, buns. As a solution to this problem, the cost-saving cocktail bun was formulated.

      By mashing the left-over buns and adding granulated sugar, buns left unsold could be resold.

      And then more recently I found out the Cantonese late-night snack dish Fried Whitebait, there are fake versions out there in restaurants that don’t even contain whitebait at all, just slivers of dough that’s been deep-fried. Once we were chatting with a waitress at Kwongchow Restaurant on Main @ 16th, and she said that’s how several restaurants make them these days.

      Shocking, huh ?

      1. Ben

        Hi LotusRapper: Oh … this makes me want to go out and get some AUTHENTIC cocktail bun. Wow, is that right about the whitebait? I’ll pay closer attention next time. Ben

        1. LotusRapper

          The same goes for McDonald’s …… if you read their ad slogan, it says: “Made with 100% real beef”. Key word is *with*, to me that sounds like what little bit of meat there is in the patties is 100% beef (or substances that came from a cow) BUT there are other bits in the burger patties that are *not* beef.

          Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist at heart [wink]

        2. LotusRapper

          I’m guessing these days they don’t do that practice anymore, but I could be wrong. But hey, if a new batch of CB filling is being made from an old batch of mushed-up CBs (which already has sugar & coconut filling), then technically the new batch of filling would contain (old) sugar & coconut filling too, right ?

          This gets weirder the more you think about it …..

          If you do end up asking around bakeries about this cocktail bun topic and find a place that makes superior cocktail buns, let us know 😀 Just make sure they’re made with *real* eggs, ok ? LOL

      2. Thea

        Those buns don’t sound so bad. Just as long as its don’t with buns that aren’t too old. Sounds tasty.

    2. Ben

      Hi Ed: I am not surprised that there are effort to fake things to make money. I am not gonna say China alone because it happens everywhere in the world. What I am surprised at is how people will stoop to that level to make things like fake eggs and sell it as real. The thought of it grosses me out and frankly, these people behind it must be thrown into jail for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it is OK if people makes fake eggs for fun and package it as such. But definitely not to pass off as real ones.

  6. Franklin

    i couldn’t understand why they’d do this with grapes. is labour really that cheap in China? think about all that time they’d have to spend fabricating the grapes …

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