German Breakfast at Fraser Park Restaurant on Byrne Road, Burnaby

It was Ben’s off day on Friday in exchange of working on Canada day. But he had to take a call at 6:30AM. So, I accompanied him to his office as he planned to have a morning walk with me after that.


As it was just 8AM, there is not many restaurants open that early, Ben thought of Fraser Park Restaurant which he had not been to for a while. We just missed Anton who is the owner of the restaurant. He is retired now but he came in early in the morning to take do his round of inspection before he went off to enjoy his day.

Ben and I shared a German Deluxe breakfast as the portion here is big. It consist of 3 eggs scrambled with sauteed peppers, onion and cheese served with hash brown, sausage, bacon, ham, 1 piece potato pancake and toast.


The server also gave us a new spicy sausage to try. The deluxe version also include a piece of Schnitzel and gravy. Ben and I were full even though we shared it. It was a great breakfast.


The server also brought us Sylvia’s special chili sauce for us as she remembers we like it. Sylvia is Anton’s wife and she manages the restaurant now.


The above is a video of Fraser Park Restaurant which I found on youtube.

Fraser Park Restaurant Menu (1)Fraser Park Restaurant Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view. Fraser Park Restaurant is very busy during lunch time and Saturday.

After a big breakfast, we went to the nearby trail for our walk. This was Ben’s favourite walking trail when he worked for Best Buy as the Best Buy head office is at Glenlyon Business Park.



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  1. Tom

    Nice looking scenery you have up there. I must say though you’d never see a breakfast like that in Germany except in a hotel that catered to a lot of Americans. Here we generally eat bread with jam, some cheese, cold cuts and fruit. Müssli also comes into play for some. Coffee or tea of course. You’d be amazed at what passes here for “American style”.

  2. Jason

    Been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now …. never managed to comment but this time I feel like I must set the record straight. As much as I love greasy spoon breakfast I gotta say that this is unfortunately nothing close to a real German breakfast. For more than 10 years I’ve lived in Germany and never once have I come across breakfasts like this. They are more the boiled egg, cold cuts, cheese, and great rolls kinda people. Many of my German friends, my wife included, have expressed their distaste for my love of the fry up. To serve schnitzel for breakfast and not to mention with gravy is unfathomable here. Beer on the other hand is a welcomed companion to a second breakfast of weisswurst in Bavaria. Hope I didn’t come across the wrong way, just thought I would share my two cents.

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