London Day 2: Indian Dinner at Sripur

We went for an Indian dinner at Sripur in the vicinity of Tower Hill before we headed back to the hotel.


Papadam was served for appetizers. The papadam came with four chutney.


The chutney came in different flavours and texture; sweet, minty, spicy and lastly a chunky onion and cucumber salsa.


We ordered a Sripur Biryani which came topped with fried egg and fried onions and served on a bed of shredded lettuces and tomatoes. It looked tasty but actually it was quite bland.


The lamb vidaloo was super spicy. The server told us that vidaloo is the spiciest version of curry.


We ordered a pilau rice to go with lamb vindaloo.


We also ordered a naan to soak up all the spicy curry.


The above was a vegetable side dish which came complimentary as it was not on the bill.


Sripur accepts credit cards.

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  1. etranger

    Expensive, for what you got! But you have to eat…
    I know people eat a lot of Indian food in London.

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