London Day 4: Lunch at Ajizen Japanese Canteen

After the Westminster Abbey guided tour, we went to look for St. Thomas’ Hospital which is nearby. We planned to visit Florence Nightingale Museum which is located in the St. Thomas’ Hospital.


A great view of the Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge.


London Eye with gloomy sky on the backdrop.


We found a Japanese restaurant; Ajizen Japanese Canteen just across St. Thomas’ Hospital. So, we went in for lunch first. Ben had a coke while I had green tea.


I had a Shoyu Ramen with Char Shu. There were also tofu cubes, bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms in it.


The serving was quite large with lots of ramen. It was a bowl of decent ramen.


Ben had a Donburi Rice Bowl. There were pork slices stir fried with lots of onions and other slivered vegetables. The sauce was sweetish.

The bill came to about 25 pounds.

We visited the Florence Nightingale Museum after lunch. The museum is more of a resource center to students.


Another gorgeous view of the Houses of Parliament.

Aji Japanese Canteen on Urbanspoon

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