London Day 6: Lunch at Yo Sushi

We had lunch at Yo Sushi after the visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Yo Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Price of the item is color coded by the color of the plate.


For 2 pounds, one can have unlimited miso soup or green tea. We opted one each.


We ordered ramen instead of having items from the conveyor belt. The above was Chicken Ramen for Ben.


I had Pork Ramen. The broth was disappointing. It was not the rich milky pork broth (tonkotsu) ; more like shoyu; the soy based broth).


The ramen was also a disappointment; more like the Chinese style “la mien” instead of Japanese ramen.


We only got a plate of edamame from the conveyor belt to snack on while waiting for our ramen to arrive. The total bill came to 22.30 pounds. Credit card accepted here.

Yo! Sushi on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “London Day 6: Lunch at Yo Sushi

  1. So far yet to see you dine on English food in London. There must be street food like mash and of course fish and chips type food.

  2. Every time I see the prices for what you had I am floored. Have you eaten anywhere with decent food for a good price?

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