Penang Fall 2012: Tropical Spice Garden Tour – Part 2

Our self guided tour turned our pretty good as Ben’s cousin sister and husband are quite knowledgeable about herbs as they have a herbal tea shop. They recognized a number of the herbs in the Tropical Spice Garden.


They pointed out to us a fruit from a plant that tasted very sweet as shown below.


He asked to suck the sap from it and after a while take a sip of water.  We were amazed that the water tasted so sweet in our mouth.


Bamboo growth along the way.


We came upon a rest stop where we can help ourselves with some tea.


Natural stream of water for rinsing the cup before and after we drink form it.


The tea was sweetened with a natural sweetener called Misai Kucing or Stevia which is believed to help reduce high blood pressure.


Lily in a pond.


We came upon a house across the water which used to belong to the first Prime Minister of Malaysia.


You can click on the above photo to read about the details of the house.

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