Bite of Seattle 2014

We stopped by Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle Food Festival for lunch.


It was the first day of the festival which runs for 3 days. Parking was $15 at the Seattle Center.


Food sample from a stall promoting Asian sauces.


We bought 2 sliders for $7 from Morning Star Barbeque & Deli. We opted for Beef Brisket with Espresso BBQ and Pulled Pork with Secret #11 sauce which supposed to be very spicy. These were pretty good but really small bites.


Nanzaro went for Philly Cheese Steak for $8. The caramelized onions add sweetness to the sandwich. At least this is a full size sandwich.


We also bought BBQ salmon serves on a fried flat bread for $8. There was not a lot salmon which was bland and the fried flat bread was kind of oily.


Nanzaro needed more food, so he got some garlic fries for $6. The fries were also quite bland and not crispy.

Below are some of the other stalls in the festival.


Clothing stall and free samples.


Movie characters and prop.


Cooking demonstration.



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  1. LotusRapper

    Didn’t try the Krispy Kreme BCB ? 😉

  2. Jade

    LotusRapper, I think I felt a little queasy thinking about that one. Some unusual food pairings work well together but I just can’t imagine that one tasting very good….. but maybe I’m wrong…… it’s a combination one could easily replicate though with a quick trip to Krispy Kreme and McDonalds.

  3. holly

    I used to go to this all the time, but then the food seemed to be the same every year so I stopped going. However, there seems to be some new eats this year. Maybe I’ll try it again next year.

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