Breakfast at Country Cousin at Centralia

The next morning, we drove around the neighbourhood for breakfast. Nanzaro wanted diner style breakfast.


We found a family restaurant just a few minutes drive away. I love the huge flower hanging baskets which decorate the outside of the restaurant.


The dining area is divided into 3 sections; one section is decorated with bicycles, another with model planes and another is called farmhouse.


All of us have coffee. Ben and I have coffee with sugar and cream while Nanzaro likes his coffee black.


I did not intend to order any food as I intended to share with Ben and Nanzaro and they usually left their toast untouch. But then we saw a homemade cinnamon bun on the menu and Ben insisted that I should have it. I gave in and ordered it. When it arrived, we were awed by it’s size. It was huge. It was soft and laden with cream cheese icing and whipped butter on the side. Actually the butter is supposed to be served on top of the bun but it slipped off the bun when the server brought it to the table. She returned with the butter on the side.


As much as I love it, I just could not finish it despite Ben helped me with a few bites.


Ben ordered the Half Pound Hickory Ham Steak for $10.99. It is served with two eggs any style (Ben likes his sunny side up), hashbrowns and a fresh buttermilk biscuit. The hashbrowns were crispy on the outside.


Nanzaro had the Chicken Fried Steak ‘n Eggs. It is also served with the same sides as Ben’s. You have the option to have the chicken fried steak grilled or deep fried. Nanzaro chosed the deep fried version which gives it a crispy outer layer.

There is a smaller portion for the above for $10.99 but Nanzaro had the regular portion for $12.99.

It was a big breakfast and we expected to last until dinner.


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