KL 2017 Lunch at Hawkers Food Court

We had hawkers food for the last time before departing from Penang.


We tried a version of Pasembor which has jelly fish.


Penang’s Curry Mee which is Kuala Lumpur’s version of laksa, However its’ less creamy. I prefer Kuala Lumpur’s version.


My niece Char Koay Teow which she asked for non-spicy. RM5.50 (about CAD1.80) with eggs option. I somehow lost the photo of a Mee Goreng that we tried. Maybe too busy eating and forgot to take the photo.


My sister found the deep fried peanuts dumpling in the market. She bought some to try.


My grandma used to make this in Chinese New Year and this is the only cookie she made.

My sister also bought some Tapioca Balls and Sweet Potato Balls to be snacked on the road back to Kuala Lumpur. They were above the Peanut Dumplings on the photos prior to this.

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