KL 2017 Restaurant Makanan Sin Hupp Kee

My sister and family went to Sg. Long for apartment hunting for my niece who will be studying in the UTAR in Sg. Long in the middle of this year.  On the way back, we stop for dinner.


We came upon this restaurant which looked rather busy. Like the open concept of the kitchen.


We had several dishes to go with steamed rice. The above was Assam Steamed Tilapia. The addition of long beans and eggplant was nice.


The above was the signature dish of the restaurant, according to the person who took our order. It is fried egg on a hot plate top with Japanese tofu with a fermented bean curd meat sauce.


The above is called “Lat Tong”; which is literary translated to spicy soup. It is black pepper soup with pork slices and chicken.


Dried version of the wine chicken.


Garlic stir fried sweet potato leaves.

The food was pretty good. Just that there was quite a wait for the food to arrive.

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