Karakoram Restaurant in Victoria Drive, Vancouver

On a weekend, my family went to Karakoram Restaurant for lunch.

Karakoram Restaurant took over Tibisti which was also a middle eastern restaurant which offered all you can eat.

We were there before noon and the restaurant was very quiet. It is still an all you can eat place.

We went to take a quick look at the buffet before we decided to go ahead with the all you can eat at $14.99 per person. The above are the salad and condiment bar.

Chicken Biryani, Lemon Potatoes, Mixed Vegetable Stew, …

Minced Meat and Potatoes, Fried Chicken, …

Lamb Stew, Chicken Korma, Kofta, …

Ben and I started off with some Chickpeas salad, hummus and baba ganoush.

Freshly made naan to go with the hummus, baba ganoush and all the delicious curries and sauces.

Arkensen only interested in the Lamb Stew and Biryani.

My plate of Chicken Biryani, Mixed Vegetable Stew, Minced Meat and Potatoes and Lemon Potato. I quite like the Lemon Potato with the tanginess to whet up my appetite.

I felt the Fried Chicken was too dry and hard. The Lamb Stew was everyone’s favourite.

I even found some marrow from one bone in one of the dish.

Kheer and warm carrot pudding for dessert. Ben likes the carrot pudding.

Fruits to clean the palate.

There is tea too. The tea was very strong.
We love the food here. It’s just that Ben and I cannot eat so much food nowadays. We always ended up regretting having all you can eat, 🙂
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  1. Michael Card

    Awesome. I am with Arkensen but I would feel obliged to taste all the other stuff as a blogger!

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