Ching Po Leung

During the hot summer day, Ben would yearn for a cooling Chinese drink like Ching Po Leung.  Ching Po Leung can be cooked as a savory soup or as a sweet soup depending on what ingredients you add in. For the savory soup, meat like lean pork or skinless chicken is added in and season to taste with salt.


For the sweet soup version, rock sugar and more longan meat is added.  This Chinese concoction is supposed to have a cooling effect to the body.


Ching Po Leung can be bought from Chinese herbal or groceries stores. It came packed with all the ingredients except the meat or rock sugar.


  • from top clockwise, barley, lotus seeds, lily bulb, Solomon’s Seal Rhizome, Euryale seeds,  longan meat, Chinese Yam and rock sugar in the middle


Click on the following link to check out the nutritional values of the individual components of this concoction.


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Frat-Bat Sampler at Alibi Room in Gastown, Vancouver

I finally met up with Kevin of

We had planned to meet up for a few months but failed to for one reason or another. When we came to a date that suits both of us, Suanne had to go for her canning workshops. So it was just I who went and met with Kevin.

We met at the Alibi Room. The Alibi Room is located on Alexander Street in Gastown.

Having never been to this part of the town before, I thought it was just next to Water Street in Gastown. I was running late and I did not check the exact location before I parked at The Harbor Center.

Boy, it was a long walk to the Alibi Room from the Harbor Center. And to add to that, Alexander Street was so empty and quiet. I thought for a moment I was at the wrong place. Spin around the Google Street View above. It IS that quiet with hardly a soul in sight. It is situated in an old heritage building and there is no prominent sign on the restaurant front.

The Alibi Room opens at very odd hours. I am curious as to why they keep such odd non-uniform opening hours. See their hours here:

Tuesday – 5pm ‘til late
Wednesday – 5pm ’til well after dark
Thursday – 5pm ‘til closing time
Friday – 5pm – 1am
Saturday – 10am -1am (brunch 10am-3pm)
Sunday brunch 10-3
Monday – CLOSED


The Alibi Room’s decor is minimal and laid back. This adds to the charm of this place. It did appear to me that this is primarily a beer place. That is fine with me even though I am intolerant to alcohol. Since it was at that time there was a discussion on chowtimes about beer, I thought this would be a great place to learn a bit more about beer.

You know how bad my alcohol intolerance is? I first found out about my condition in the worse of circumstances. Of all times, it was at a … (more…)

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