Fair Bee Coffee & Tea in Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

After the cake meet at Meinhardt Fine Foods, Polly and I went to do some groceries shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore in Richmond. It was a nice warm spring day and we felt like having a cold drink.


Hence, Polly brought me to her favourite smoothies place in Lansdowne Mall. It’s Fair Bee Coffee & Tea. Strangely, their specialties are bubble tea and not coffee & tea.


Polly had the special of the day which was Papaya Milk Tea. It’s $4.50 with pearl.


I had the a Berry Smoothies which has blueberries and raspberries. It was icy cold and naturally sweetened by the berries. Mine is $4.00 only as I did not add any pearls.

With summer approaching fast, bubble tea will be a popular drink.

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  1. Nicole

    MMmm.. Fairbee! I always go to this place after classes and during work breaks because it’s so close by! However, I didn’t know they had a special of the day! I always love getting Rose Milk Tea with Pearls, although it’s not listed on the menu board; neither is Lavender, and Almond

  2. Katie

    I’ve tried bubble tea quite a few times and I’m still not sure if I like it or not! I think it’s one of those things where you don’t get an instant yes-or-no with the taste (and texture of the pearls). It’s definitely something different and good for the warmer months.

  3. Elaine

    I have stumbled on your blog a few times while googling for recipes, but I hadn’t realize that you blogged about Fairbee! I have worked there for quite a number of years parttime, and I can tell you that our bubbleteas are excellent! Thanks for blogging about us! I believe that the drink pictured above is the papaya fruit smoothie, made with real papaya, as that costs $4.50. Our milk teas (like papaya) are priced at $3.50. Replying to the comment above, we don’t have special of the day. We used to have that about 4 years ago.. I believe that the papaya fruit smoothie is a seasonal summer special. =)

  4. BonBon

    oh i like fairbee, i remember i used to go there when i had to spend long days at Lansdowne. i only really drink the slushes though, so i like your choice of the berry drink. I would not really consider buying the other milky drinks because as you can see right when you enter the shop there are many displays of different coloured syrups and powder, which to an extent, scares me. i am okay with syrup but the sight of milk powder makes me tingle.

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