Longan Jelly

Longan is Arkensen’s favourite fruit. He prefers those from the can with syrup than the fresh ones. It seems that the canned ones are more meaty.

This Longan Jelly is another recipe from the Delicious and Fragrant Local Cakes recipe book. Some of the recipes which I had blogged before from this recipe book are Glutinous Rice Cake and Steamed Rice Cake.



  • 1 can longans
  • 20g agar-agar
  • 300g sugar
  • 1 litre water
  • sufficient food colouring

Agar in an unbranched polysacharide obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae or seaweed.

Agar-agar is a Malay word for jelly. Agar-agar will dissolve in hot water and when cooled, it becomes gelatinous. It is often used as a vegetarian substitute to gelatin, in jellies, ice-cream and as a thickener for soup.

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We bought some longan from the T&T Supermarket last weekend. It has been a long time since we bought fresh ones. We normally have longans in cans with syrup. Our boys like that.

The longan costs $1.99 per pound. The pack below costs $5.33. Longans are grown on trees native to South East Asia from South China to Indonesia.


Surprisingly the longans actually smells like longan … you know, normally, you don’t smell anything until they are peeled of their skin but these does.

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