We bought some longan from the T&T Supermarket last weekend. It has been a long time since we bought fresh ones. We normally have longans in cans with syrup. Our boys like that.

The longan costs $1.99 per pound. The pack below costs $5.33. Longans are grown on trees native to South East Asia from South China to Indonesia.


Surprisingly the longans actually smells like longan … you know, normally, you don’t smell anything until they are peeled of their skin but these does.


They are round with a thin, brown-coloured inedible shell. The flesh of the fruit, which surrounds a big, black seed, is white, soft, and juicy.


The word longan literally means “dragon eyes”.


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  1. zee

    mmmmmmm..yummy…i love them but never knew their name or where one could buy them.

  2. Kirk

    Hi Ben – Growing up a good friend of mine had a longan tree in the front yard, and a lychee tree in the back. Didn’t know how lucky we were…..

  3. sally

    I love eating those in the summer!

  4. Suanne

    Hi Zee, got a better deal today at Langley Farm Market; 99cents per pound.

  5. Ben

    Hi Kirk: Wow, you guys are lucky. Personally, I would love to have a cherry tree in my home!

    Hi Sally: You’re in AB right? Can you just as easily buy longans there?

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