Prawn Noodle Paste

Polly recommended me this Malaysian traditional Prawn Noodle Paste. Polly told me that when she tasted it, Nanzaro came to her mind as she remembered Nanzaro enjoys spicy food a lot.


Prepackage mixes and paste makes life easier for those who miss their hometown food. You don’t have to buy individual spices and herbs to grind or pound them yourself. But using such paste may have short fall like you can’t control the amount of salt in them.


I find that the amount of salt in this paste is very high. I would not recommend consuming this too often.


The soup tastes pretty good, very rich in prawn flavour. I had prawns and fried tofu puff to go with the prawn noodle because originally I intended to make curry laksa. The traditional prawn noodle should have garnishes like poached chicken meat slices or pork slices, choy sum, bean sprout, hard boiled egg and prawns.

Click on the link below for the instructions.


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