Malay King Curry Paste Laksa

Affinity is a mysterious thing, but it is spicy
Japanese Proverb

We have earlier blogged on making Laksa previously in this blog. This time I used the Curry King Malaysian Curry Paste to make the Laksa soup. There are several versions of this brand which comes in an unique hexagonal shaped bottle. This particular one is a pretty middle in spiciness. We like the HOT version but we were not able to find it in the stores lately.

Each bottle costs $4.99 plus tax and is sufficient to make eight servings.


The steps are described on the instructions on the bottle. This is a much more simpler way to prepare the stock than our previous blog on Laksa. I highly recommend that you try using this brand for making Laksa, especially the HOT version. The HOT version’s labels are RED and has a big HOT word on it — be warned.

You will need coconut milk additionally to make the stock. Other ingredients are pretty much what you like for Laksa such as tofu puff, fish cakes, prawns, etc. Of course, you need noodles too!


Let me warn you — it is VERY spicy for those of you who are not used to spicy food.

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  1. Rosa

    Looks good. I love curry. My all-time favorite food is Indian. Yum.

  2. xun

    What a great site for food? Is chow the chinese word like in chow mien? But your food does not look chinese. I love to eat chinese food, cook as well, being a chinese myself

  3. Tom

    Great Site. Hey where can you buy this Malay King Curry paste?

  4. Suanne

    Hi Tom, I bought the Malay King Curry paste from T&T Supermarket.

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