Fried Chicken — 3 Ways

In this week’s cooking club, Julie from Taiwan showed us three different way of making fried chicken. She made a chicken scallopini and two sesame chicken dishes. She made a scrumptious lunch for us.




Julie marinated the chicken overnight with some salt, white pepper, garlic, ginger, wine, sugar and soy sauce. She used two type of chicken meat. One type is boneless and skinless chicken breast which had been pounded very thin to make chicken scallopini. The other type is chicken with bones, which had been cut into small pieces.


IMG_4623_edited-2For the chicken scallopini, she coated the marinated chicken with some ready-made fried powder which she brought back from Taiwan. Julie told us that we can make home-made fried powder by combining some all-purpose flour, cornstarch, black pepper and salt.

Julie placed the coated chicken scallopini on a tray, ready for frying.

IMG_4629_edited-2For the next chicken dish, Julie prepared the coating by adding some vegetable oil to the fried powder until a paste is formed. She also added sesame seeds to the paste.
IMG_4630_edited-2The marinated chicken pieces are added to the coating paste and mixed well.Julie told us that this is a popular dish in Taiwan and is called “Yim So Gai” (pronunciation in Cantonese). She does not know what it’s called in English 🙂
IMG_4631_edited-2For the last chicken dish, Julie simply coated the marinated chicken pieces with tapioca starch (or sweet potato starch) and sesame seeds. Julie told us that the tapioca starch is good for coating fish for frying too.
IMG_4632_edited-1Julie tested the readiness of the oil with a wooden chopstick submerged into the hot oil. When little bubbles rise along the chopstick, the oil is hot enough for frying.
IMG_4640_edited-2Julie fried the chicken is a few batches. The chicken does not take long to fry as they are either very thin or in small pieces.

Chicken Scallopini.


Sesame Chicken.


Thank you Julie for sharing the recipes with us. I’m sure my kids will love these dishes.

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  1. Jay

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m Canadian, but fried chicken is really not a big thing where I’m from…but the sesame seed one looks intriguing!

  2. Matt

    You always make such wonderful looking food!

  3. Suanne

    Hi Jay: I know what you mean. Fried Chicken is not really big in Vancouver too. Perhaps Vancouverites are too health concious.

    Hi Matt: Which church do you serve in? Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Matt

    I was talking to another Canadian friend and an American friend also living in Canada about the lack of Fried chicken around. We figured it must be to the health conscious nature of both the pacific northwest and of Canada in general. But who knows!?

    When I have been in Vancouver (which hasn’t been very often this year as I a end up travelling back to the States most weekends), I have been going to Kerrisdale Presbyterian.

  5. anita

    i love ur site full of step by step making cooking.good job

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