Atlanta Trip Report Day 3

Day 3 in Atlanta. Have been putting long hours going to one meeting to another. I really hate doing this because it does not give me time to plan for the meeting and not having a proper time to recap what the take-aways were. I figure that out tonight in the hotel. By 6:00 pm my mind was so saturated that I just don’t want to think about work anymore!

Like Mark promised, he brought Paul and I to a Southern Cooking place. It was a really nice restaurant called South City Kitchen Vinings. The service was excellent — one of the places that stands out as genuine service, not waiters who fake it for a bigger tip.

Thanks to Maritza who recommended that I order “sweet tea”, I chose this. It is basically iced tea and was pretty sweet. Free refills, that’s what I like.


We were served muffins with butter. The muffins were soft and buttery. Just took only one coz I know the main dish will be large.


Mark recommended that we order the Old Charleston She-Crab Soup. It was very thick, rich and creamy. Pretty much like chowder but made with blur crab meat. $3.75 for a cup.


For the main dish, I ordered the Pan Roasted Georgia Trout from their Southern Inspirations selection. I ordered this because of the word Georgia on it!

This trout is served with chipotle-sweet mashed potato and a few asparagus and topped with crawfish-basil brown butter. I love asparagus and wished they have a few more on the plate. I like the juiciness of the dish. The dish above costs $19.


The total tab for the three of us was $91. Good thing Paul picked up the tab or else I would have a bit of a problem putting it on company’s expenses.

It has been hectic the past two days and am glad I just have half a day tomorrow before heading back to Vancouver.

So, all … what do you think? Does this pass as Southern Cooking? BTW, wanted to say thank you to Kirk and Ellen too for their tips on Southern food. I told Mark their suggestions and he did say that they were great and had been to most of them. I’ll try that the next time I’m in Atlanta again.

I’ll probably blog about airline or airport food tomorrow. Come back again, you hear?

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  1. pinger

    you’re blog looks delicious! i love tasting new foods too. i have a dental blog, but was accused of writing more about what new restaurant i tried than about dental school 🙂

  2. Maritza

    Leaving so soon? I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting back home but I was hoping you would have some fried chicken while down South. Or some smothered pork chops…or some collard greens and bacon or some grits or some baked yams or Cajun style anything. The South is one of the richest parts of America in their cooking. It’s a unique combination of European America, African/Creole, and foods native to the region. I’m happy you had a nice dinner your last night and shared it with us.

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