White Spot for High School Graduation Celebration

It’s another milestone of Nanzaro’s life; high school graduation.


He was just an elementary school boy when Ben and I started this blog. Time flies.


The star of the day wanted dinner at White Spot. So, White Spot it is.


Ben and Nanzaro each had a Chocolate Milk Shake. Super sweet and thick. Ben shared his with me.


Nanzaro had a Triple Triple burger. I just cannot imagine eating such a big burger. The juice dripped all over his plate as he tried to squeeze the burger to get a bite into it.


The burger came with coleslaw and unlimited fries but none of us who had fries asked for a refill.


Arkensen ordered a Double Double burger with poutine. He did not finish his meal as he was having a throat infection. Moreover, Nanzaro’s drippings grossed him out. He is very sensitive.


Ben had a Beef Dipper. He shared half of his with me. The bread was crusty and the au jus made it very moist.


I had the limited time offer of Chicken Pick’ns with a Caesar Salad. The chicken was not crispy but had a soft batter on it. Ben had a piece of the chicken and he did not really like it.


Eating in White Spot is not cheap; the bill came to over $70 including tips.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    That burger looked yummy! I am making burgers for dinner tonight with homemade fries, one of my husband’s favourite foods; he won’t eat potatoes otherwise.

  2. Andrew

    Congrats to Nanzaro!

  3. Maggie

    Definitely, Nanzaro deserves congratulations and my best wishes for his future plans.

  4. Girl who just moved to Vancouver

    HEllo there,

    Thanks so much for all your restaurant reviews, we just moved to Vancouver and always wanted to try White Spot…now we know how expensive the burgers are! We might try somewhere else …keep you recommendations coming..thanks!

  5. Sedap Makan

    Sadly going to most restaurants (not fast food) for a burger fries and a pop with tip is approaching $20. About double a fast food meal.

  6. HM

    I prefer Swiss Chalet anytime for their chicken meal. Had their chicken pot pie & soup at Pearsons Airport Toronto & mind you, even the ceasar salad was many times better than White Spot’s.

  7. LotusRapper

    @Sedap & HM:

    +100 ! White Spot, IMHO, is quite the rip-off. Un-imaginative (but pretends to be) menu, average ingredients and preparation, and nowadays hardly even cheap (on the contrary). The *only* item I actually like at WS is their coleslaw. Swiss Chalet is no gourmet destination but at least cheaper than WS and doesn’t pretend to be more upmarket than it is.

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