Picnic in Whistler

Polly invited us to join them for a day trip to Whistler last weekend. Since we had nothing particularly planned for the weekend, we tagged along. We have actually never been to Whistler in summer before.

Whistler is world famous for snow skiing in winter having been voted many times as the premier ski destination in North America. Whistler will be hosting many of the events of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

We have always enjoyed the drive on Highway 99 (known as the Sea-to-Sky Highway) from Vancouver to Whistler. The scenery was spectacular to say to the least.


When we got to Whistler we headed straight for the Lost Lake and set ourselves up for a picnic. It was a perfect day for a picnic.


For once, we decided to bring along chinese style picnic stuff. Polly bought some siew yoke (roast pork) from Parker Place in Richmond. The roast pork from Parker Place seems to be the best around. There are people queueing up to buy them pretty much throughout the day. The roast pork were great.


Polly also brought along some instant noodles. The one below costs $1.79 per pack. I am surprised this costs so much. I wouldn’t pay $1.79 for instant noodles, no siree.


The noodles were pretty good. The texture is more chewy and very much like fresh made noodles. The seasons is, well, so-so only.


Teh Tarik is Malaysian Milk Tea. The Malaysian difference is the way they are prepared … they are “pulled” (i.e. poured over the head from one cup to another) to produce a frothy brew.


The milk tea were very delicious and a good change from the normal picnic fare. The weather were cooling and having a warm cuppa is just perfect.


There are two mountains developed for skiing, Whistler and Blackcomb, whose terrain is accessed by 24 major lifts. The vertical drop of 1609 metres (5,280 feet, or one mile) at Blackcomb is the most of any ski resort in North America. I was told that here one can ski for a full 45 minutes from top to bottom.


We took a walk around the Whistler Village before heading home. There were some performances at the square.




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  1. Simon

    I like the packaging of that milk tea. Very nice! So that’s what Whistler looks like in the off season? Very inviting, I’ll have to head up there again sometime soon!

  2. Kirk

    Mmmmm that roast pork looks mighty good! BTW, those cold noodles are a summer staple in our household, with green onions, slices of cucumber, and left over roasted/rotisserie chicken.

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