Join Us for Dinner at Long’s This Saturday?

I know it is kind of last minute but Suanne and I was wondering if any of you would like to join us in checking out the Chinese Restaurant Awards 2010 award winning dish at Long’s?

As some of you know, Suanne and I had been going around trying the CRA 2010 award winning dishes. We had come to a point where most of the remaining dishes are best eaten where there are about 6-10 people. This is so that we can try more dishes.

We had been to Long’s twice before (see here and here) and the food is absolutely amazing. Here are some of the food we tried, just to whet your appetite:







The dinner will be on this Saturday, July 17th at 5:30PM. If you are interested to attend, please read on.

So far we have four people attending. I am trying to make a table of 10 (or at least six).

The restaurant is called Long’s Noodle House (see restaurant details here). They are on Main and 33rd.

This year they won Silver in the Soup category with their Tofu Skin and Bamboo Shoot Soup. That is not all. Last year they also won another award for the most innovative dish with their Crispy Rice with Salted Egg Yolk (the left-most picture on the second row above).

Besides the Tofu Skin and Bamboo Shoot Soup, I am planning to also order one (or both depending on the number of people) of their dishes that require a 1-day pre-order notice. That two dishes that require pre-order are:

  1. Chicken and Wonton Hot Pot
  2. Fish Head Hot Pot

As for the cost, I think $20 (or at max $25) per person should be able to cover everything.

So if you are interested to attend, could you send me an email ( and let me know how many people? I hope to finalize the attendee list by end of day tomorrow (Thursday, July 15th) so that it gives me time to confirm the pre-order dishes and number of people.


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  1. Marike

    Just my bad luck, I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. 🙁

  2. koji

    chicken and wonton hot pot, soup is very yummy but wonton was overcooked the last time i had it.

    1. Ben

      Hi Koji: I just ordered the chicken and wonton hot pot for Saturday. The question I had is why do they need this hot pot be pre-ordered? From the name it seems like a very simple dish. Ben

      1. koji

        they put a whole chicken in the pot, it’s boiled so that the chicken will break apart. A soup like this one appears to have been boiled for many many hours.

        i haven’t tried the fish head soup, but i believe that it too is boiled for many hours.

        enjoy the soup.

        i ordered a dish of the deep fried pork chops on its own, usually it’s with soup. it’s not bad, but a must try is the deep fried fish, they blend seaweed into the batter.

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