Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Aeroline Bus Trip

After staying for two days in Kuala Lumpur, I had to get to Singapore for the next four days on work. I decided to take the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and booked for a seat in the Aeroline website ( The trip costs RM80 (about USD $22) for the 5hr journey from downtown KL to downtown Singapore.


I took the bus just half a block from the KLCC, or better known to the world as the Petronas Twin Towers. The Twin Towers was the tallest buildings in the world.


Aeroline buses are double deckers. The seats are located at the upper deck while on the lower deck was a lounge that seats about five people. The seats were comfortable and does recline. They even have power points for those who wants to hook up their laptop to do work on board.


They serve one meal on the trip. For the trip, they gave everyone fried rice, piece of fried chicken and an egg. The fried rice was STALE!! It smells so bad that I can’t believe they did not detect it at all. They came around and collected the stale rice and did not so much as to offer an apology.


Three days later, I received the email above apologizing for the bad food and offered a discount voucher for about 10% of the price of the ticket. I am not going to take their food on future trips again!

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  1. Erick

    Wow..Ben, did you complain about the food or did they send that email to all of the passengers on that bus. One of my biggest fears traveling overseas nowadays is getting a stomach ailment. At least the bus company was fessing up to their mistakes and offered to compensate.

    Those twin towers at KL brought back some good memories. I ate at the hawker stand across from the nice hotel there. I think it was the Mandarin Hotel IIRC. I had this fried rice with lots of chili peppers in it. Yummy!

    Still, $22 for a 5 hour bus trip in air-conditioned comfort is a great deal.

  2. Peter

    I very useful travel trip. I plan to take that bus from Singapore to KL this coming December. Thanks!

  3. iportion

    Sorry about your stale rice; the seats look comfy though.

  4. Ben

    Hi Erick:
    I was seated near the back of the bus. I did not have to complain to them because the people up front were already making a ruckus then! I think they send the email to every passenger because everyone buys the bus ticket online and they have your email. I did not expect any compensation but was glad that they did what they did.

    Oh yeah, come back to this site next week. I spent more than half day at the KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers taking pictures … will blog on it soon.

    Anyway, everything here is outrageously cheap compared to Canada.

    Hi Peter: Still it was a good ride. The food they served were nothing to shout about. I’ll just take a sandwich the next time I ride with them.

  5. Mike

    Me too. Before I travel, I always check restos and bars where I could hang out online, gather some opinion. It helps me decide.

  6. Viann

    Hi, I happened to stumble upon your blog, and was actually wondering if it was possible for you to tell me where I can get info regarding this bus service? I will be going to Singapore for exchange in a few months and I am planning to do a little traveling around! Thank you!


  7. Ben

    Hi Viann:
    You buy their tickets through the website here They have only limited trips between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. If you want to travel more extensively, you should also check out the cheaper (and equally comfortable) alternative at Hope this helps.

  8. Aarti


    This is great, however I have given up on this bus company. They never replied to me when i filled up the feedback form as i got very sick 2 eatingtheir food. I also lost RM160.00 as they were unable to change my ticket. I knopw they said it 48 hours (which makes me wonder, the call centre sent me an email finally stating no less than 24 hours and website states 3days??)
    Plus they were very rude and nasty to me at their counters.

  9. anna

    Food served on the bus, on both ways tasted horrible and aeroline certainly need to identify a caterer whose business is actual cooking. On the other hand, other services provided are satisfactory.

  10. Lingling

    I went to Kuala Lumpur last April 12 and returned to Singapore on April 14, 2008. I took the Transtar Bus. It was a horrible experience because I broke my left ankle while running after their bus in the gas station near Kuala Lumpur. the driver seems does not know how to speak english. I should have taken the AEROLINE Bus but I am not familiar with your ticketing offices in singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Theirs is very easy to locate especially in KL when their terminal is in Puduraya Bus Terminal (very accessible).

    Next time, I will be bringing a group of 9 from Singapore to KL ang back and I will definitely take the AEROLINE Bus.

  11. lee

    Hi! aside from the food, was there any other problem with aeroline? ’cause my family and i are planning to go to kl then singapore this december for vacation and we are thinking about taking aeroline…every blogs i read about the other luxury bus are much worse and so far aeroline is kind of ok…

  12. gavver

    hi, not only the luxury, a lot of new bus company provide coach route between malaysia and singapore. you may go to to have a look, it may have the information you need. as i know it partner with a lot of the bus company, easy to get the route coach compare to only get one company de coach route.

  13. Don

    Aeroline is well known for its food on board and comfortness. However, the ticket price would be quite expensive compared to normal bus fare.

    I prefer to take starmart, where i can also buy online @ The buses are new and they leave on time

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