KL Series: Poh Ting’s Homecooked Meal

My sister-in-law is a prolific cook. When I was in Malaysia two months ago, she cooked up a storm. This time it was not any different. I love this kind of cooking — it is exactly the same type of food that mum cooks.

I really don’t know what these dishes are called and so I will just describe them. This one below is chicken and mushroom. What I like best about this is the sweet soya gravy. There is only one way to eat this … to drown the rice with the gravy. This is so good that sometimes I just had the gravy with rice only.


Mum also makes this simple dish very often. It is long beans omelette. The long beans is diced into small pieces and then fried with eggs and soya sauce. The soya sauce give this dish a thinge of saltiness.


Sweet and sour pork is a popular Chinese dish, especially in North America. You can almost always find this on pseudo-Chinese restaurants in Canada.


This is a stir-fried mixed vegetables consisting of cauliflower, carrots, sweet peppers, baby corns and pork slices. I think she cooks this with corn starch that produces a thickened glossy gravy.

Oh, have you heard of this joke? There was a boy who told a girl that “You are pretty. Your face is as pretty as a flower”. The girl shyly asked him, “Oh really? Thank you! What type flower?”. The boy answered … “Cauliflower”. He he he …


Simple home cooked food. I like this meal because there are so many varieties of dishes. Normally Suanne will just cook two or maybe three dishes because we have such a small family.

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  1. handgroud cafe

    this chinese food looks very delicious,i can smell it.lol

  2. Chubbypanda

    Home cooking is the best. At home, I usually only make one dish to go with rice or cook Western food because there’s only two of us in the family. But, when I’m visiting my parents, my mom always has a big table of many dishes.

    – Chubbypanda

  3. KL

    I am a lurker, but I finally had to ask.

    What is sweet soya sauce? That chicken and mushroom dish has my mouth absolutely watering.
    I would love that recipe!

  4. Ben

    Hi KL: I don’t know what the sweet soya sauce is. Tell you what, I will ask Suanne to get the recipe from my sister-in-law and get her to blog on this someday.

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