Atlanta Trip Report: United’s Snackbox

A few weeks back I had to make another trip to Atlanta on business. Having just came back from Malaysia just the week after, I really dreaded another change in time zone. Man, I had so many trips this year, I must admit that I am really sick and tired of all these travelling.

I flew United from Vancouver to Atlanta. I had flew the same airline on the same sector before and had blogged about the United Airlines Snackboxes here. Back then I had the one of their four snackboxes called the Mini Meal.

For a change, I ordered their Quick Pick Snack Box. All their snackboxes costs $5 cash. Snackboxes on United Airlines are available only for flights 3 hours or longer. There are four snackboxes to select from: Quick Pick, Mini Meal, Smart Pack and Right Bite. This blog is about the Quick Pick Snackbox.


The Quick Pick is plainly described as comfort food and had a really wide selection packed into the box. As I opened it, I know that Nanzaro and Arkensen would certainly love to have this box, so would Suanne — it does look that appealing. In the box there are … Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Cheese Snacks, Trail Mix …


… Smoked Dried Beef Chunks, and Cookies. I normally like cookies crunchy but the Chipper Gourmet Cookies is really something else. This chocolate chip cookie is soft, moist and fresh — very nice.


I have seen the Jack Link’s Prime Rib Tender Cuts in the stores in Vancouver before but have never tried it. The beef came in bite sizes which is hard and is slightly salty. I like this.


Then there is the “Just the Cheese” Classic. It is a cheese snack and is crunchy with really nice taste of cheddar cheese. Other than the Jack Link’s I have never seen the other snacks in the box before. This “Just the Cheese” snack is really good and am sure the boys would love it too.


Next was what is known as the Stoned Classics All-Natural Blue Tortilla Chips. These are slightly salted corn tortilla and tastes crunchy fresh. It is perfect with the La Victoria Thick and Chunky Salsa. The salsa is mildly spicy.


I scanned the drinks list and saw something I had never tried before — the Mr&Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix. It is from the Mott’s people right? It’s a spicy tomato juice which reminds me of Clamato’s I find in Canada.


In all, it was a good snack, more than enough for me during that 7 hr flight as I am a small eater for lunch.

Food-wise I had a great time in Atlanta … I will blog about my meals for the next seven days.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Wow that’s quite a portable vending machine you have there. They sure are tempting, but be careful of the amount of sodium and fat these snacks contain. And on a flight where the air is dry and mobility is very limited, lots of plain water should be consumed on the side. I hope they’ll offer healthier choices in the future, but given the airline industry’s economics, it’s always the giant food conglomerates who get the attention of the in-flight catering companies.

  2. BuddingCook

    looks good but you had to pay 5 bucks? i don’t think i’ve ever flown united. just aa, south west, delta and hawaiian. 😀 happy new year to you.

  3. tigerfish

    That’s a lot of snacks. But snacking in the plane will make you thirsty. Then you would want more bloody mary, or more water. :p

  4. Crystal

    I love your site, great work. I have to laugh at this bit though. When I first got my camera I too took photos of my kit, I got the “right bite” I was so impressed. I took pics of everything and my friends laughed at me! 🙂 Now I know someone out there understands.

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