Atlanta Trip Report: Stoney River Legendary Steaks

Landed in Atlanta at about 4pm and was beginning to feel hungry. I only had a snackbox in the plane the entire day. I will be in Atlanta for the rest of the week. This time, I told myself that as much as there are work to be done, I really need to also enjoy myself. No more room service, nor any more walking across the street to the nearby mall’s food court.

The Cumberland Mall, just behind my hotel, had just underwent a complete makeover. The Mall had included a stretch of more upscale dining options along one side of the mall. This is so timely as I only have a short walk from the hotel to these places.

Stoney River Legendary sounded like a great place to start my culinary adventure in Atlanta. I have never heard of Stoney River before but looking in from the outside, I can see that this place is a tad bit upscale. Looks like a great place and the ambiance terrific … so Rob and I decided to give this place a try.


We did not have to wait long for a table and the service were prompt and attentive. The waitress recommended their Coffee-Cured Filet. I liked the description and ordered that — more of it later.

The meal started with an excellent basket of hot bread just off the stove. The butter just melted in the bread as it was spread. It was so good, I could just have my fill of bread alone.


Despite the name, the Coffee-Cured had only a very slight hint of coffee. This steak is found on their Specialty Steaks section. The meat is supposed to have been only grain-fed, aged in the restaurant and trimmed by hand — in other words, expensive. This plate costs $29.99.

While the food was great, the presentation could have been more creative. For that price, I would have expected a prettier arrangement.


I ordered it medium rare. What I liked about this place is that they made sure that it is made to perfection and exactly the way their customer likes it. When the plate was placed on the table, they asked that I cut it in their presence to make sure it is exactly how I wanted it. Yup, prefecto!


The dish is served with Lyonnaise Gratin Potatoes (grated potatoes and cooked with pieces of onions, I think) and Sauteed Green Beans.

I love asparagus and ordered a side of steamed asparagus.


The meal was not bad although a bit on the pricey side. It was a great way to cap a long day of travel.

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  1. simcooks

    Got to know about your blog through TigerFish. Since you are in Atlanta, you may want to try Fogo De Chau – for the ultimate Brazilian buffet! They serve an assortment of beef, chicken & pork, but I think their beef is the best! Best to go there very hungry!

  2. LotusRapper

    Nice looking piece of meat, but for US$29 the plate doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. Is that a 6oz portion or ?

    Hope you enjoyed the meal, tho’.

    Local haunts like Hy’s, Morton’s, Gotham, Bogarts and Wilson’s sell their Filet M’s anywhere between C$28 and $50 but it’s hard to compare apples and apples.

    Hmm I’m getting hungry ……..

  3. Chubbypanda

    I love steak houses, although I think most of them are overpriced.

    – Chubbypanda

  4. Ben

    Hi Simcooks: I have heard my friends rave about Fogo and will certainly want to try that out one day. We have something like this in Vancouver but frankly, I was underwhelmed.

    Hi LotusRapper: I am guessing that the higher price I paid for is because it’s aged and handcut. he he he … two key things I just learnt about steaks.

  5. Lotusrapper

    Hmm, still trying to figure out how hand-cut beef tastes better than marchine(?)-cut beef. And I suppose the person cutting the beef did so with total TLC, hahaha.

  6. chris

    Ahhh there’s the steak. Being only a few hours from Altanta, we may have to follow some of your footsteps for a weekend trip!

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