Paratha (sometimes also spelt as prata) is another type of Indian bread. This one is flakier than the roti. Flakiness in bread is achieved by folding layers of rolled dough with butter in between the layers.

The flakiness in Paratha is also achieve through the same technique except that Ghee is used. Ghee is an important ingredient used in Indian Cuisines. Also known as clarified butter, Ghee is made by simmering butter until water is removed.


Sujre demonstrated two ways of making Paratha. Paratha is made from the same dough as Roti.

First method

IMG_1445_edited-1Roll out a dough on a floured surface. Rub some ghee on the dough.
IMG_1449_edited-1Sprinkle with some flour.
IMG_1446_edited-1Make a slit to the centre and roll up in a cone shape.
IMG_1453_edited-1This is how it should resembled.
IMG_1454_edited-1Press down the cone from the wider end.
IMG_1451_edited-1This will create multiple layers when it’s roll out flat again.

Second method

IMG_1455_edited-1Start off with rolling out the dough, rub with some ghee and sprinkle with some flour.
IMG_1456_edited-1Roll dough up from one end into a cylinder shape (or like cigar).
IMG_1460_edited-1From one end, make a spiral from the cylinder. This spiral will be flattened again before frying.

The frying of the Paratha is slightly different from the Roti. You will have to rub some ghee on the Paratha during the frying process and not after the frying. For those who are watching your weight, Roti will be a better choice of bread.


Sujre, thank you so much for sharing the Indian cuisine with us. We look forward to more East Indian recipes.

5 thoughts on “Paratha

  1. I have a well-known Indian cookbook (complete with vivid pictures), and the recipe doesn’t look nearly as gorgeous as how you two make it! I am printing out this recipe and sticking it in my cookbook–in front of (and to replace) the paratha recipe!

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