Anton’s Pasta

There’s a good reason why Anton’s Pasta had been one of the most popular restaurants in Burnaby. I believe that reason is because they serve the biggest serving of food anywhere in Vancouver. Anton’s had been a fixture in this part of the city for over 20 years. Their vision is to offer good food at affordable price … and lots of it too.

Driving past Anton’s along the 4200 block of East Hastings in Burnaby, I often see people actually waiting outside the restaurant for a table. At lunchtime, the wait could be very very long but definitely worth the wait.


They serve bread for free. What do you call these kind of bread? I am sure there’s a name for this. It’s crusty, hard and dry — a tad too dry for my personal liking.


Since we’re in an Italian restaurant, we ordered something Italian for drinks. The Sanpellegrino Limonata is an imported lemon soda from Italy. Pretty expensive … a can costs $3.25. Well, at least they gave us a glass with a wedge of lemon.


The servings at Anton’s is a legend by itself. In the few times I was there I had never seen anyone finishing a plate of pasta on their own. Everyone had to take home what is left — that includes many big sized guys (6 footers and above).

The plate below is the Fusili Tsocana served in creamy white sauce. The dinner plate below costs $14.


We also ordered something red. The Linguini Siciliana, in red sauce. This is also $14 for dinner plate. Lunch plate is $9.95.


This is a common sight in Anton’s — they offer to pack it for home without even you asking.


Total bill is $40 inclusive of tips and tax. That is for the four of us … times two meals. You simply must try Anton’s at least once. Go stuff yourself silly …

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  1. iportionn

    Now I am craving pasta of some sort. MMM maybe I should make some.
    The soda looked yummy as well.

  2. Chubbypanda

    Goodness. A six-pack of Limonata is ~$3.25USD at my local corner shop.

    Those are very large portions. I think I’d be afraid of wasting food. Most hotels don’t have fridges. =(

  3. ellecamino

    the bread that you are wondering about are called “portuguese buns”. anton’s gets them from a bakery nearby.

    the buns are much better after they’re toasted and warm. try them as part of a fish sandwich from “go fish” – a seafood shack at fisherman’s wharf (north end of fir st. in vancouver).

  4. matrixfwd

    I was at Anton’s last weekend and found their pasta to be overcooked. It was definitely way to soggy. I prefer ‘Al Dante’ pasta. Our linguine was also in a red sauce and looked just like your picture. It was odd for the linguine to be so thick, but guess that is what happens when it is overcooked.

  5. Karl

    I’ve got to agree with you on the bread…it always seems too dry. It’s almost as if they got a bargain on a huge bag of yesterday’s rolls. To me, the pasta is also second-rate. Why not opt for quality over quantity?

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