Atlanta Trip: Chili’s Burger at the Atlanta International Airport

The Atlanta Airport (or rightfully, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) is, believe it or not, the world’s busiest airport in terms of passenger volume and landing and take-offs. I believe the reason it is the biggest is because of one big factor — Delta Air Lines. Without Delta, this airport will not be what it is today.

As famous and busy as it is, it is one of the unpretentious airport I had been to … well, Heathrow is worse I think. There is nothing to see and do although there are lots of shops and restaurants. But then after a few trips all the shops and restaurants practically sells the same stuff. I must however give credit to the airport … it is the simplest to navigate despite its size. There is absolutely no way one could get lost. In terms of efficiency, it is simply the best. I would describe this as function over form at its best.


One thing I do notice is the presence of men in uniforms at the airport. I think these soldiers are either going to or returning from Iraq. They are always there with their grey-green uniforms. And the strange thing to me is that every now and then, the airport will break out in cheers and claps when some of these soldiers marches through. The Americans sure are appreciative of the sacrifices of their men in uniform despite most are opposed to the war in Iraq. I must admit I do gawk at their uniforms and gears … and do think … oh man … these men are the best trained in the world in warfare. They know how to kill despite their man in the street look.

See the lines from the Atrium at the ATL airport? Well, it could get that busy. That FIVE line winds its way across the Atrium and into one of the longest snaking queues I had ever seen. Here is a tip: there is a shorter and lesser know security checkpoint at the far end of the North Terminal. I normally take that because it takes only about 5 minutes to clear it.


There are a total of SIX(!) concourses in ATL. The concourses are linked by high-speed train. When I have time to kill, I would normally walk to my gate through underground walkways. Of late, they have put in a lot of interesting African art sculptures. It is great to kill time.


On the recent trip I had my dinner at Chili’s at the airport. It was a very busy restaurant, as in all restaurants in ATL. I had to wait in queue for about 10 minutes for a table which was quite OK. I had a magazine at hand and am not going anywhere for the next hour and a half anyway.

What made me stopped at Chili’s was this big sign that says “Big Mouth Burgers”. Not that I am hungry but I just simply got to see what a big mouth burger is.

Got myself seated in a cramped tiny table — and it was so close that I felt I am seated on the same table as my neighbors. So close, I could even smell their food! But it was great though, people are friendly — I had a good time chatting with this two guys next to me who were enjoying their big mouth burgers.

I ordered a very Georgia brew … the iced tea. Tell me now … do Georgians normally drink their iced tea unsweetened? I can’t imagine drinking unsweetened iced tea myself.


I got myself the burger with the longest name … the Chipotle Blue Cheese Bacon Burger. Oh man … this is one of the best burgers I ever had. It is so tall that there is no way I could stuff it in my mouth despite me pressing it down flat. There is a way though … deconstruct it. I took out the not-so-great stuff, like the lettuce and tomato … that worked to a certain degree. For $6.99, it was well worth it.


Very importantly, it was very juicy … it was the chipotle pepper sauce that added a spicy and smoky twist to the burger. The blue cheese crumbles blends very well too with the burger and the smoked bacon. All burgers should me made like this.


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  1. THW

    Georgia tea is sweet. Super sweet. Best darn sweet tea in the world can be found in Georgia.

    If you got a glass of unsweetened tea without specifically asking for it in Georgia, something went terribly wrong.

  2. floyd

    I have been to that airport however briefly, nice photos and the food looks good if I am ever back that way I will have to try some of the food.

  3. rokh

    love the signboard pic. seems like you all are having real fun!

  4. gigi

    Someone once told me that iced tea in the US is normally served unsweetened in restaurants. The ice tea in Canada comes sweetened and with lemon flavouring…like the Nestea variety found in most pop machines. 🙂

  5. Chubbypanda

    The tea was probably unsweetened because Chili’s is a chain, and chains want to maintain consistency. The next time you’re in Georgia and want to make sure you’re getting Southern iced tea, ask for “Sweet Tea”.

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