Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

One of our favorite weekend restaurants is the Silver Tower Cafe. For all the times we chose to eat around the neighborhood, we had always went to Silver Tower and ignored the Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant even though it had a more prominent front.

Since our boys wanted sushi, we decided to go in and check it out.


The Matsuyama is located on the eastern end of Alexandra Road. Parking is terrible around here but we normally could get a spot if we wait for a while. We almost always have someone pull out within 5-10 minutes max even on peak lunch time.


Looking at their menu, we were wondering why it took us so long to visit this place. They have lots of choices … not just sushi. What we like is their prices.


Between the four of us, we ordered two lunch boxes and two sets of sushi. These Bentos costs only $7.95 each.


The miso soup came together with the bentos.


Their Maki Combos are $6.95 which I felt was quite alright. See the cucumbers? Well, our boys does not eat cucumber and they had to be picked out before our boys touches it. Suanne ends up eating the cucumbers all the time.


They serve the makis on wooden platform “plates”. I believe this is the traditional way of serving sushi in Japan.


The total bill came to just over $32. We had originally wanted to order one of their Party Platters which ranges from $26.50 (41 pcs) to $50 (56 pcs) but they needed at least an advance order of 1 hour. They do deliver free from 5pm to 11pm.

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