Philadelphia: Liberty Bell

If you are in Philadelphia and you want to visit just one place, you should go to the Independence National Historical Park. This is where the events of the independence of the US occurred. This place is called the Independence Mall.


When we were in the Independence Mall, the first order of our visit is to see the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is located in the newly opened Liberty Bell Center.


It is actually quite a large building considering that the purpose of the building is just to house the Liberty Bell. Everyone is subjected to security checks from one end of the building. Walking to the other end, there are exhibits that describes the history of the Liberty Bell.


Here it is … the real Liberty Bell. It sure was hard to take a picture in front of the bell because of the crowd. The bell is placed in front of a glass wall facing the Independence Hall.

So, what is so special about the Liberty Bell. Well, this is the bell that was rung calling the residence of Philadelphia to the reading of the Declaration of Independence four days after it was signed.


Despite its history significance, the Liberty Bell is defective. The bell were purchased from London in mid 1700s. When it was delivered and first tested in Philadelphia (not actually used at that time) it cracked when rung!

They repaired it but the repair did not last long. When it was rung again about 100 years later during a celebration of George Washington birthday, the crack widened all the way to the top of the crown. It was totally ruined and since then it had never produced the toll it is supposed to make.

I am thinking that what makes this bell unique and so recognizable is the crack on it. Without the crack, it would have looked like just any other bell.


But still, the Liberty Bell is special to the hearts of Americans as it represents liberty and independence. It is old and the wood that held it shows its age. After all, this bell is almost 250 years old today.

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  1. ET

    Isn’t it amazing how these man-made things are capable of withstanding the ravages of time? It has been around for 250 years, and will most likely be here for hundreds more. These objects never fail to inspire me, and always gives me hope for the future of humankind.

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