New York: Junior’s Cheesecake

I once read somewhere that the best New York Style Cheesecakes are from Lindy’s and Junior’s. Suanne is a fan of cheesecake and so we just had to go to a cheesecake place while we’re here. Since I had already been to Lindy’s, we decided to go to Junior’s.


It was so coincidental that there is a Junior’s restaurant just at the place where we queued up at TKTS to buy tickets to a Broadway show.


I like Junior’s bright interior better than Lindy’s. It is more of a restaurant than a cheesecake joint although Junior’s claim to fame is their “Most Fabulous Cheesecakes”. Service was good but we found it kind of strange that the young waiter who waited on us admitted to us right up front he had just started working … and he does look very nervous. LOL!


Suanne ordered the Fresh Strawberry Cheese Pie over their “Our Famous No 1 Original Cheesecake”. It was a hard choice for Suanne. I asked her to order both but knowing her she refused. To Suanne, it was every bit of cheesecake that she imagined it to be. Suanne knows cheesecake and if she approves, then it had to be good. I asked her how was it … she just cut another piece with her fork, put it in her mouth, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and did not say anything. It was that good. $7.


I like chocolates. So I ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake which costs the same ($7). Although I am not much of a cake fan, it was pretty good. It has the creamiest combination of mousse and cheesecake I had ever tried. It is so smooth and creamy that I felt it literally melt in my mouth.


The most exciting part of this meal is the Junior’s Skyscraper Ice Cream Soda which I had with something called Hoboken (pineapple and chocolate, I think). When the young waiter brought it to us, he apologized saying he had not seen anyone ordered this before. I asked him how on earth am I going to deal with the scoop of chocolate ice cream hanging largely outside the glass and threatening to fall off at any minute. He said he had no idea and that he is sorry! LOL! We had a great laugh. The neighboring tables had a chuckle at our ice cream soda too.

So … what do you do? The glass is already full. If I attempt to push it into the glass it will surely overflow.


Somehow, I managed and in the process limited the mess. I had never been so stressed over a glass of ice cream soda in my life. Suanne refused to help and just kept on giggling watching me frantically trying to dilute the icre cream into the soda.


$24.60 was the bill. The cakes were awesome. Between Junior’s and Lindy’s, I felt the cheesecake in Lindy’s is a tad better.

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  1. RobynT

    the bit about the soda is hilarious!! i tend to have that problem with ice cream and soda floats but usually they are not that extreme. i have noticed restaurants putting the ice cream on the rim like that recently though. i guess it looks dramatic.

  2. Swinburne

    Nice review — but after all the ecstatics at Junior’s, how can you say that overall, you liked Lindy’s better?

    LUV the pics!!! (Next time try the food!)

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