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ChowtimesNoWord32x32Complete Disclosure: We knew the owner of this cafe and some of the food and drink were complimentary. But most of them were paid.



Polly and Vince had to pick up their kids from a music camp in Mission. They decided to visit a friend of ours who recently bought over the City Blends Coffee in Mission. I just tag along for a free music concert and visit this friend of ours.


The first sight which impressed me is the huge parking lot and the patio. You cannot find such space in Richmond or Vancouver.


I like the cozy corner where one can enjoy a cup of coffee and surf the internet with the free wifi or engross in a book.


Besides coffee and tea, City Blends serves light meals like wraps, soup, salad, sandwiches, cakes and baked goods.


The baked goods here are made onsite by the Pink Spatuala. Some of the baked goods includes biscotti, cookies, bars, brownies, cakes and miniature sweets.


We ordered the above drinks before our friend arrived. From left to right, Hot Chocolate ($2.85),  Cappuccino ($2.90) and Caramel Machiato ($3.40).  My Caramel Machito was good, with a mellow coffee flavour.


Later, the owner served us some sample of Chai Latte which is one of the cafe’s specialty. It is very creamy and rich in spice flavour which includes cinnamon, cloves, etc.


Polly bought some cup cakes for her twin daughters. They looked … so tempting and beautiful.


The twins did not like the brownies because they said it tasted like coffee. I guess it’s an adult version of brownies.


Polly’s son got a Sausage Roll for snack. It looked like a store bought version.


Vince got a Tandoori Chicken Wrap to try. He was enticed by the name because it reminds of the the tandoori chicken in Malaysia. Unfortunately, it’s not quite what he expected. It’s a wrap made with rice, tandoori chicken with a reddish sauce.


The above are sample of Chicken Samosa. Our friend is more interested to get us try his homemade mango pineapple chutney. The tangy and sweet chutney complements the samosa well.


The owner also gave us some miniature cup cakes to sample. The kids just gobbled them up.


The last item which we sampled was the above Carrot Cake. The owner told us that each loaf of carrot cake is made with 2 pounds of carrot. When the carrot cake is baked onsite, they can easily sell half a loaf at the time. I’m sure the aroma of baking will entice people to buy even though they intend to just have coffee initially.


City Blends accepts credit card.



The above is a youtube video on the direction to City Blends Coffee in Mission.

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  1. Willow

    Thank you for this post. I live in the Fraser Valley and love reading all your posts but often cannot visit any places you go to. I had no idea this place had so many desserts or that the coffee/tea menu was as extensive as it is. I appreciate you reviewing a place in my area!

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