Shat Kek Ma

A dear friend brought this back from Malaysia for my family. It’s a popular snack food in Malaysia. The snack is called Shat Kek Ma. To me, goodies from Malaysia which I cant find in Vancouver are precious commodities. I am so thankful to friends who made their trip to Malaysia and come back with such priceless gifts.


Shat Kek Ma is a sweet snack made from flour, wheat molasses, sugar, cooking oil and eggs. You can find other brand of Shat Ket Ma in Chinese groceries like T&T but they are not as good as this particular brand from Malaysia.


This Shat Kek Ma is manufactured by a famous restaurant in the state of Perak in Malaysia called Pun Chun Restaurant. Actually, Pun Chun Restaurant got it’s fame from another product called Chicken Biscuits, a crispy chicken flavour biscuits made with pork lard, wheat flour, vegetable oil, eggs, nam yue, sesame seeds and sugar. Chicken Biscuits get its distinctive flavour from nam yue and sesame seeds.


The package has four pieces of Shat Kek Ma and cost about CAD 1.40. Do you have a favourite brand of Shat Kek Ma that you can find in Vancouver?


I know, Shat Kek Ma is not a very healthy snack but having it once in a blue moon should be ok.

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  1. choen

    It could be a matter of personal taste, but I feel that Shat Kek Ma from Wing Loke Yuen and the CB brand chicken biscuits are superior to Pun Chun’s. These two come from a town called Kampar, about 24 kilometres north from Bidor town’s Pun Chun.

  2. Marike

    Mmm, so greasy but it’s sticky, gooey, and crispy…yum!
    What set’s this apart from the ones you find in supermarkets here? Is it a distinct flavour or texture?

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