Food for Thought: 100,000 Transistors Now Cost Less Than a Grain of Rice

Food-For-ThoughtBy the time this post is published, I will be away for the week — on work, not vacation. Wanted to let you know that in case you find that chowtimes postings next week is a bit light.

Oh … I did not realize it earlier but I am doing some serious long distance flying over North America on 9-11. That kind of worried Suanne. LOL!

Anyway, I thought this is an interesting article. It is more for the foodie-cum-IT-geek like me.

Here is a little excerpt from the article:

At Best Buy, a 16GB flsah drive (128 billion transistors) costs $32.95; at the supermarket across the street, a five-pound bag of rice (150,000 grains) costs $4.85. For the price of a single grain of rice, a retail shopper can buy about 125,000 transistors.

If this type of articles is your cup, click on the image above to read the whole thing.

Guess where I am going? Atlanta … home of Coca-Cola. While I am there, I think I will go visit the new World of Coca-Cola.

Talking about Coca-Cola, here is an interesting map:


As usual, click on the image above to enlarge. I got this from the Pop vs Soda Project website here. So when you are in California, say soda. It is Pop on Washington state. In Texas, it is Coke.

I am gonna have a nice glass of Coke (not pop, not soda) in Hotlanta … and sweetened iced tea … and good old fried chicken and collard greens. Gonna be fun!

Have a good weekend everyone. Eat well.

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    But transistors don’t taste very good :p

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