La Petite France on Arbutus St, Vancouver

Updated: 24th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

For this cake meet, Polly and I invited Angie to meet at La Petite France. Although Angie is not a big fan of cake, she will join us for cake meet once in a while. It’s the company of friends that counts.


La Petite France is located at 2655 Arbutus St, Vancouver. We find that the neighborhood is pretty quite during our visit there.


La Petite France’s decor is simple and elegant. We felt warm and cozy. The back ground music is obviously in French.


We ordered Latte and Cappucino for our drinks. They are $3.40 each.


We ordered 3 items to share. The prices here is slightly on the higher end. The cake price range from $5+ to $6+ whle their lunch menu range from $4.95 for soup to $11.75 for mains.

The above item is Mouse Aux 3 Chocolate which costs $6.25.


It is a very smooth and silky chocolate mouse enclosed in a hard chocolate shell. The chocolate mouse just melts in your mouth.


Polly and I will not leave a cake shop without trying their cheesecake if there is one. This is called Gateau De Fromma which costs $5.95.


The last item is called Noisetteine which costs $5.75. The server told us it’s made with almond and has hazelnut butter cream between the layer of cake. This cake tastes nutty and has a gritty texture. The total bill came to $29.56.

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We had a great time catching up with one another. Let’s hope we can do this more often.

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  1. Jessica

    I love this place! I have a DR in that neighborhood and always stop by there when I have an appointment

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